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Group photo at Super Model Universe 2023 International Grand Finale

On a spectacular night at the luxurious Wyndham Grand Bangsar, Malaysia celebrated a dual victory as Muhammad Afiq Zul Suhaile from Perak and Venna Margarita Richard Santhanan from Penang clinched the titles of Super Model Universe 2023 (Male) and Super Photo Model Universe 2023, respectively. Irina Kirsanow from Moscow claimed the Super Model Universe 2023 (Female) title. 

left to right; Venna Margarita Richard Santhanan, Irina Kirsanow and Afiq Zul Suhaile | Photo credts to Rentak Sejuta

The event was hosted for the first time ever in Malaysia thanks to Thalia Thin’s victory at the Super Model Universe 2019. The competition welcomed a distinguished group of guests, including Tengku Dato Shanaz Aziz of Pahang and their spouse; Puan Sri Susan Cheah from Sunway Group, Kavitah Servai, who serves as the Director of Corporate Services at JK Builders & Renovations; Pramila Munusamy, Vice President of Majlis Kebudayaan & Warisan Nusantara and many more. 

The participants engaged in contest segments, encompassing national attire, swimwear, designer clothing, and formal wear. To refine their runway skills, all delegates received training from well-known Malaysian runway instructors, Evelyn Nadal and Mala Fo-ever. The event’s coordination and fashion contributions were overseen by a team of professionals, including designers Faridz Salleh, Ghanz, Farel Mikhail, Jonathan Kok, and Maya Ubrani.

Super Model Universe 2023 Results:

Female:  Male:
Winner – Irina Kirsanova (Moscow)

Runner-Up – Alina Grushko (Moldova)

2nd Runner-Up – Tio Hofhuizen (The Netherlands)

3rd Runner Up – Cindy (The Philippines)

4th Runner Up – Gittanjali Pathmanathan (Selangor)

Best Talent – Gittanjali Pathmanathan

Best Aesthetic – Alena Raduga (St. Petersburg)

Best Charisma – Julie Gara (Manila)

Best National Costume – Venna Margarita

Best Performance – Venna Margarita

Best Style – Olga Cordi Bogdanova (Siberia)

Best Posing – Irina Kirsanova (Moscow)

Winner Muhammad Afiq Zul Suhaile (Malaysia)

Runner-Up – Maad (Pakistan)

2nd Runner-Up – Fouad Bashar (Syria)

3rd Runner Up – Emeka Michael Onukwufor 

4th Runner Up – Ishmail Bangura (Sierra Leone)

Most Photogenic – Maad

Best Performance – Emeka Michael Onukwufor (Nigeria)

Best Body – Muhammad Afiq Zul Suhaile

Best Fitness – Fouad Bashar

Best Style – Ismail Bangura 

Super Photo Model Universe 2023 Winner – Venna Margarita Richard Santhanan (Malaysia)
Miss Universe Classic Malaysia 2023: Women of the Universe Malaysia 2023:
Winner – Darshini Nadarajah (Perak)

Runner Up – Penny Kan (Kuala Lumpur)

2nd Runner Up – Vimala Pappu (Selangor)

La’ Corv Choice Award – Penny Kan 

Best Body – Penny Kan 

Queen Ambassador – Vimala Pappu

Women of the Universe Malaysia 2023:

Winner – Selvarani Chelvakumaran (Selangor)

Runner-Up – Kelly Gan Mei Sze 

2nd Runner-Up – Vershalini

Miss Congeniality – Shamsiah Yahya (Selangor)

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