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The new Lipton Wellness Range

Renowned tea brand Lipton launched its new #GoodnessMadeDelicious range to make wellness more accessible for busy Malaysians. Made with carefully selected herbs, Lipton’s new range helps make well-being a part of Malaysians’ everyday routine – in just 2-3 minutes of brew time.

During the year end period, everything gets busy and fast paced, therefore, Lipton has crafted their wellness range to provide their consumers with a little bit of self-care in those buzzing times. Consumers will be able to benefit Lipton’s wellness range which is available in three variants with zero calories per cup.

 The new wellness range are: 

  • GET FIT: Be Fit & Stay Active with new Lipton Get Fit – It contains Green Tea and other key ingredients to help hydrate the body, promote alertness & fuel your body with energy. The perfect companion for an active lifestyle.
  • AFTER MEAL: Sip, Soothe & Settle with new Lipton After Meal – It contains warming ingredients like ginger that is traditionally used to aid in digestion & soothe your tummy. Added bonus is that it contains peppermint and fennel for a fresher breath after meals!
  • SWEET NIGHTS: Get Ready for Bedtime with new Lipton Sweet Nights – The robust combination of lavender and chamomile is perfect after a long day to unwind and calm the mind.

Left to Right: Karl Pereira, Marketing Lead of ekaterra Southeast Asia, Thomas Teo, Australasia Chief Financial Officer of ekaterra & Satoshi Miura, Australasia Supply Chain lead of ekaterra

“The tea market has evolved dramatically in the past few years in line with our fast-paced lifestyles. Today consumers not only look at quality or benefit, but also need it to be delicious. The taste helps to keep them consistent in their wellness journey, which has driven the demand for green and functional teas,” said Reena Chong, General Manager of ekaterra Southeast Asia.

She added, “We’re delighted to launch our new Lipton wellness range for fellow Malaysians- whatever your health and wellness needs are, we now have a product to help make wellbeing a part of your everyday routine. From GET FIT to SWEET NIGHTS, each variant has three key ingredients designed to benefit and supplement your everyday life. Not only are they delicious, but a daily cup or two can help complement a varied and balanced diet – anytime and anywhere.”

Left to Right: Arieff Yong, Ivor Xians, Charis Ow, Siu Lim

Lipton’s #GoodnessMadeDelicious wellness teas can be found in all AEON supermarkets, as well as online on Shopee supermarket and Lazada Grocery. For more information on the new Lipton wellness range and the consumer event, do follow Lipton’s official social media on Facebook and Instagram.


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