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On the 21st November 2021, KL Young Designers Association and Hatta Dolmat organized a Kuala Lumpur Young Designer Award 2021 (KLYDA) by having 10 finalists from various higher educational institutions to showcase their creativity with their own artwork. The program was commenced by YB Datuk Seri Dr. Noraini Ahmad, Ministry of Higher Education with a purpose of unearthing talent and creativity of students in fashion and textiles.

Award ceremony with YB Datuk Seri Dr. Noraini Ahmad

A short intro for KL Young Designers Association, it was formed in December 2020 and officially registered as a professional non-profit association for all the designers in Malaysia and especially towards fresh graduate fashion students.

Andrew Tan, Founder of KLFW

With the “Sustainable Fashion” theme, the competition allows the young fashion designers to recreate sustainable fabric only with recyclable good as “recycle” and “Upcycle” are the guideline for this competition.

As Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MAGIC), Kloth Cares, Kloth Textile and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to be the strategic partner and industry experts, the ministry hopes that by organizing such event, it allows to promote more fashion programs in polytechnic and community college. Currently there are only 21 local institutes, 22 private institutes and 21 research institute under MARA and vocational college who offer such programs.

First place : Ali and Ina (UiTM Shah Alam & LKW University)

Second place : Akmal Hakim (UiTM Shah Alam)

Third place : Puteri and Ummi Aida (Kolej Kommuniti Batu Gajah)

The 10 finalists for Kuala Lumpur Young Designer Award (KLYDA) 2021:

  • Akmal Hakim (UiTM Shah Alam)
  • Akiela Shafira ( Lim Kok Wing)
  • Sakinah Roshidi (EWHA Womans University)
  • Ali and Ina (UiTM Shah Alam)
  • Nur Salwana and Nurul Hana (Kolej Kommunity Sabak Bernam)
  • Nisa Kamila and Nuryana Fasihah (Kolej Kommunity Sabak Bernam)
  • Puteri and Ummi Aida (Kolej Kommuniti Batu Gajah)
  • Amirul Haidar (Kolej Kommuniti Selayang)

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