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KLPAC’S “Tungku The Musical”

To commemorate Malaysia’s Independence day, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), released an archival recording of “Tungku The Musical” on YouTube and was planned to be streamed from 31 August 2021 until the midnight of 7 September 2021. However, due to overwhelming demand, they have decided to extend the show until 12 September, so that the rakyat can indulge in the historic musical from the comfort of their homes while ushering the spirit of patriotism as Malaysia Day approaches. 

The archival recording garnered nearly 8,000 views from all over the world in just a week after its premiere. Viewers enjoyed the show and reminisced about the times where people could watch live performances without having to worry about their health conditions. Though venues around the country are still forced to close due to COVID-19, many appreciate this small effort to showcase Malaysia’s history with a sense of nostalgia. 

The musical portrays the story of a 50-year journey beginning from Merdeka Day until the Singapore-Malaya separation, the 1969 riots to the year it was staged. It has all the color, drama, excitement, anticipation, heartache, sorrow, and uncertainty of that fateful Saturday morning 31st August 1957, when the cries of “Merdeka!” reverberated across the country. Today, it serves as a great reminder to Malaysians to stay hopeful, stay united, and use their voice to build a future that Malaysia deserves. 

“TUNKU The Musical” is part of the WFH@klpac (Watch from Home) series as it endures its third lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has cost it more than RM2 million in losses. Though the screening will be free, donations are welcomed via www.klpac.org/donations/. Watch “TUNKU The Musical” now at klpac’s YouTube channel.

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