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Nestlé Leadership Team with AEON Leaders…-its-kind Raya Limited-Edition KitKat® Ketupat

Nestlé’s KitKat® welcomed the month of Ramadan and the upcoming Hari Raya festivities with the launch of the “Rezeki Dikongsi Bersama” campaign, which showcased the spirit of sharing and togetherness amongst Malaysians. The campaign features exciting Raya limited-edition product offerings, a KitKat® Raya animated music video and various special collaborations. 

This year, KitKat®  has introduced the Raya limited-edition KitKat® Ketupat which offers consumers a perfect balance of smooth milk chocolate and crispy wafer encased in a first-of-its-kind ‘Ketupat’ motif stamped onto the KitKat® 4-Fingers chocolate bars. The intricate weaving pattern of Ketupat also represents Silaturrahim, a form of good relationship and friendship that is celebrated in Malaysian culture as well as Islamic traditions – signifying the spirit of Rezeki Dikongsi Bersama” campaign. 

Nabila Razali and MK K-Clique

The KitKat® “Rezeki Dikongsi Bersama” Raya campaign launch event showcased two local celebrities MK K-Clique and Nabila Razali who performed the KitKat® “Rezeki Dikongsi Bersama” theme song featured in KitKat®’s latest Raya animated music video. Embodying the values that the Ramadan and Raya seasons represent, KitKat®’s Raya animated music video celebrates all the meaningful moments that bring people closer together during the festive season. The animated music video was inspired by the characters featured on the KitKat® Ketupat’s packaging which portrays diversity, togetherness and the joy of sharing ‘rezeki’.

Nestle VIPs presenting RM10,000 donation to AEON Mesra

As part of the campaign, KitKat® also contributed RM10,000 to AEON Mesra, a community outreach initiative by the Malaysian AEON Foundation. This community outreach effort enables underprivileged children to enjoy shopping sprees at AEON outlets during the Ramadan festive season and further spread joy for the upcoming Hari Raya celebration. 

In addition, Malaysians can also share their ‘rezeki’ by visiting the KitKat®’s YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram and “LIKE” the KitKat®’s Raya music video featuring MK K-Clique and Nabila Razali. KitKat® will contribute RM2 for every “LIKE”, up to a total of RM100,000, with all proceeds going to selected charity organisations. 

Check out the new KitKat® “Rezeki Dikongsi Bersama” music video here: 

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