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KidZania Kuala Lumpur and award-winning itch relief skincare brand, Suu Balm Malaysia hosted around 30 children from the Rainbow of Love School for a day of role-playing at Malaysia’s foremost edutainment facility for children, KidZania. The children aged between 9 to 16 had the chance to try out the various real-world professions at KidZania; ranging from traditional roles like being a firefighter, medical professionals, policemen, or cabin crew, to new-age careers like animators, robotics engineers, skin experts and trendy F&B operators.

Parked under the banner of the Humanitarian Aid Selangor Society, the Rainbow of Love School is a sanctuary for asylum seekers and refugee children living in Malaysia – one of the few places where they can get an education. This learning center is specially catered for the disempowered and disadvantaged refugee children who are otherwise unable to enroll and attend local public schools.

At the Suu Balm establishment within KidZania, children had the opportunity to discover more about Suu Balm through a storytelling session whilst learning about the various types of skin conditions and how to relieve and care for them. Formulated by the National Skin Centre in Singapore by an expert dermatologist, Dr. Tey Hong Liang, Suu Balm is on a mission to soothe and relieve dry, itchy and sensitive skin rapidly with its special range dedicated to children’s skin care.

“Sensitive and itchy skin actually affects about 20% of children in Malaysia and it can often cause flare-ups and inflammation especially when scratching that itch. The rash can appear anywhere on the face or body, making children irritable while also disrupting their daily routines. We at Suu Balm have been on a mission to help address this problem across all communities and at the same time raise awareness about dry, itchy and sensitive skin. Therefore, we see it only fitting to also empower and educate the underserved community about the importance of good hygiene and consistent personal care routine, and at the same time providing them an opportunity to learn through play!” said Shann Bong, National Business Manager from Suu Balm.

During the event, children were also taught how to care for their skin through a facial activity at Suu Balm’s establishment in KidZania Kuala Lumpur, where they have the option of becoming a junior skin expert or being on the receiving end of undergoing facials as a customer. There was also a coloring contest for the children.

“It was a heart-warming sight to see the children having so much fun, especially when their faces and eyes lit up while engaging in all the activities here. At KidZania, we are always on a relentless pursuit of nurturing young minds to take on the world and we believe that one of the best ways to teach a child valuable lessons and important life skills is through play. Learning through hands-on play is one of the fastest and most effective ways to engage children of all ages,” said Philip Whittaker, CEO of Sim Leisure Group.


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