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Carving of a 60 kg live tuna

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Sendo Ichi Seafood,  a wholesale F&B supplier specialized in fresh seafood, join forces for the first-ever Japanese Seafood Fest 2024, showcasing Japan’s finest treasures to strengthen cultural and business ties between Japan and Malaysia.

The festival kicked off with a grand launch featuring the carving of a 60 kg live tuna by renowned chef Otsuka Kenji of Sushi Yoshi. Guests and VIPs were treated to an exquisite  sashimi delight, savoring the freshness and exceptional taste of Japan’s harvest. 

Fresh tuna at Japan Seafood Fest 2024

Koichi Takano, Managing Director of JETRO Kuala Lumpur said, “Our role at JETRO is to support the export of Japanese products including food globally. In  Malaysia, we are delighted to note the value of food exports from Japan to Malaysia has more  than tripled over the past five years. We are deeply grateful to Malaysians who recognize and  have an appreciation for the quality and the taste that only Japanese food can bring.”

“Today is a significant occasion as JETRO and Sendo Ichi unite for the Japanese Seafood  Fest 2024. This event serves as a platform to introduce and highlight the excellence of fresh,  sustainable seafood directly imported from Japan. Sendo Ichi upholds its commitment to the  core principle of ‘freshness first,” added Aldred Yaw, General Manager of Sendo Ichi Malaysia.

Group photo at the Japan Seafood Fest 2024

Festival-goers are invited to savor premium Japanese seafood and explore renowned establishments like Sushi Yoshi, HUT Sake Bar, and Ten Itsu. Collaborating with top Japanese restaurants, the festival aims to connect Japanese gastronomy with culinary enthusiasts, offering an interactive experience, a quiz, and delicious samples.

Held between 26 January – 28 January 2024  from 1.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., at WOW Plaza (South Entrance), Lalaport Bukit Bintang, those interested can register for the event onsite to receive a RM20 cash voucher from Mochiya.

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