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Multiple Hans Sdn. Bhd, IPVLed Lichttechnik Pte Ltd (from Singapore), and SMK Electronics Corporation Sdn. Bhd (from Japan) has recently undergone a signing of an MOU as they cooperate to dive deep into the IPVLED market in Malaysia and Asia. Being qualified distributors of IPVLED products, Multiple Hans Sdn. Bhd. is engaging the Government to convert ordinary street lights into the latest LEDs, as an initiative to save electric costs.

Founder of Multiple Hans Sdn Bhd, Chia Yu Yu, said, “This is Multiple Hans’ first collaboration with these two companies, but we are confident in the caliber of SMK Electronic which has been operating in Tokyo, Japan for the past 93 years.”

Y.M. Tengku Dato Dr Hishammuddin Zaizi Bin Y.A.M Tengku Bendahara Azman Shah Al Haj (Chairman of Multiple Hans Sdn Bhd)

In addition, part of the MOU stated that only companies that served the longest in the industry are allowed to offer extensive product warranties while matching the customer’s needs. As part of the deal, IPV LED Lichtechnik will be providing their technologies to SMK Electronic to manufacture high-quality products that will aid the Government and consumers alike.  

“IPVLed Lechtechnik has a unique technology that does not need to be disputed anymore. The quality of the two companies is what initiated the memorandum agreement today,” added Chia.

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