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Endorsed by the Embassy of Japan, JACE (Japan Arts, Culture, Entertainment) 2022 is a 17-day cultural event to promote Japanese arts, culture and entertainment held in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of the Look East Police (LEP). Organised by Toybox Projects,  a renowned company for bringing out authentic Japanese culture to its audiences, the “HARAJUKU KAWAII” themed event will be held at LaLaport BBCC from 28 October to 13 November 2022.

The main goal of this event is to showcase up-close, personal and authentic experiences of the internationally popular destination Harajuku, in Tokyo, Japan through various Japanese activities. A series of workshops, activities and contests for fans of Japanese culture will be held throughout the event.

A Harajuku fashion show run by a professional team will be coming from Japan to display various styles which includes kawaii Harajuku style, crazy colourful Harajuku style, street Harajuku style, lolita kimono and kimono in harajuku style arrangement. Visitors will also be able to make an obi and adapt it into a dress by learning first-hand from the professional Japanese stylists who work with Japanese artists. Besides that, they will be able to participate in a Halloween Cosplay Contest and Malaysia’s first ever Miss Lolita 2022.

Fun Japanese activities and games will be available for family and friends where winners will receive Japanese products as prizes. Tea ceremony demonstrations and authentic Japanese sweets tasting are activities that visitors can indulge in. Kinjo, a talented Japanese comedian who has learned Bahasa Malaysia and English from scratch in Malaysia, and does comedy in those three languages will be emceeing for some of the activities.

One of the main highlights of JACE 2022 is the exclusive meet and greet session with the popular Japanese artists; BACK-ON, Centimillimental, and FEMM who will be performing at the JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022. JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022, organised and promoted by Toybox Projects and supported by Tourism Malaysia, is  a cross cultural promotional concert with the motto of introducing the various types of artists from both Japan and Malaysia. It is held to commemorate the long-time friendship between Japan and Malaysia. Volume 1 which was held in  2017, was a huge success. With regards to that success and the many requests from the fans, media, artists and music industry professionals for more series of the same concert,Volume 2 is now being presented with a different lineup of artists from both Japan and Malaysia.


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