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i-City, Malaysia’s No.1 Technology launched its Immersive Winterland today. The groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind immersive experience center in Malaysia seamlessly blends technology, entertainment, and artistry to deliver sensorial experiences that are truly engaging. 

Setting itself apart from conventional entertainment, Immersive Winterland delves into the realms of the seventh dimension. Unlike the typical 5D experiences, this groundbreaking venture offers a heightened level of sensory engagement and technological complexity, integrating intricate motion simulations and advanced effects to deliver a truly immersive and captivating encounter. 

The apex of the trip to i-City Shah Alam is the 360-degree Immersive Explorer ride in which one will be able to engage in a 7D experience of plunging aircraft from a snow cliff into the open ocean and much more. Guests entering Immersive Winterland will also be transported into a realm where icy creatures come to life and winter sports simulations like Skii Scape and Snowballing await. 

Digital projections of vibrant flowers and lifelike animals adorn the interior, stimulating the senses and the imagination. The experience goes beyond visuals, engaging visitors and varying temperatures, tactile sensations, and a captivating soundscape created by cutting-edge spatial audio technology. 


Inside Immersive Winterland, visitors will find:

  • Immersive Ski Simulator: Malaysia’s first immersive ski simulator offers an authentic skiing encounter, providing a rare opportunity for locals to experience the thrill of this sport.
  • Immersive Snowball Simulator: Encouraging camaraderie and healthy competition, this attraction invites friends and families to roll snowballs and engage in friendly rivalries.
  • 360-degree Immersive Explorer: Offering a seven-dimensional experience through augmented and virtual reality without the need for glasses, this unique attraction stands out for its immersive nature. 
  • Immersive Exploration Cave: Showcasing prehistoric creatures in motion and allowing interactive engagement, this cave offers educational insights into ancient creatures that once inhabited earth. 
  • Blossom Odyssey: Providing an enchanting exploration of the floral world, this experience narrates the cultural beauty of flowers across various seasons. 

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