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ARTISFAIR is fashioned on this very premise, to challenge perceptions about art, while creating a new kind of appreciation and ownership.  As the upcoming soon to be the biggest art fair in Malaysia, that will be organized by ARTisFair, they aim to build a sustainable ecosystem of art and community within a real global market place.

On the upcoming exhibition, there will be over 2,000 artworks to be displayed in the gallery as Dato’ Joyce Yap and her team’s opened  Fahrenheit88 and offered the entire mall sized up to 100,000 square feet.  The main mission for this exhibition is to connect emerging and established artists with emerging collectors, across four levels of exciting, welcome areas, to spark art appreciation from ground level as it is believed that everyone deserves to own a good art in their life.



Andrew Yap, co-creator of ARTISFAIR and running the World’s Biggest Book Sale, Big Bad Wolf Books, and 14 BookXcess bookstores, mentioned that “This immersive art event was born out of a desire to champion creativity and make art accessible to a wider, appreciative audience”. He also believes that all these exhibition experience will lead people to create something different.

Andrew Yap

For those who are not available to come by and visit the exhibition physically to purchase the art , ARTisFAIR had got you covered as the exhibition is also available online so anyone can buy the artwork offline or online, with the website www.artisfairkl.com designed specifically for browsing and shopping.

From the left: Nick Siau, Adam Ham

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