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HOMESOY has announced a donation of RM50,000 to Cancer Research Malaysia in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Research has found that Asians have a higher chance of being diagnosed with cancer compared to other cultures. 1 in 20 Malaysian women develop breast cancer in her lifetime, with 8,418 new cases annually reported and 23 cases each day. 

Recognizing the significance of raising awareness and making a difference in cancer research, HOMESOY presented a cheque worth RM50,000 to Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY) to support their advancement in breast cancer research as well as doing their part for HOMESOY’s ongoing initiative. For every pack of HOMESOY 3.0 Soya Milk sold, 10 cents will be donated to breast cancer research. 

As a part of their ongoing initiative, HOMESOY also provides free HOMESOY 3.0 Soya Milk to mothers in the maternity ward as a part of a healthy, balanced diet to ensure optimal nourishment during breastfeeding and support their increased protein and calcium needs. 

Soo Sek Yow, Head of Soya Nutrition Unit of Ace Canning said “At Ace Canning Soya Nutrition Unit, we recognize the need to raise public awareness about breast cancer and underscore the critical importance of prevention and early detection. We are dedicated to supporting initiatives that lead to breast cancer awareness. Through our collaboration with CRMY, we also aim to support breast cancer prevention research to establish a link between soya consumption and reduced breast cancer risk in Malaysia,” 

Malaysian women often get diagnosed with breast cancer as it remains as the leading cause of cancer deaths in Malaysia. Estimated over nine individuals are diagnosed with breast cancer in a day, amounting to more than 3 thousand deaths annually. Soo Sek Yow shared that through scientific studies, there is an association between soya consumption and reduced risk of breast cancer. It is due to the natural compounds in soybeans, isoflavones which are a group of phytonutrients. Isoflavones are structurally different and significantly weaker than human estrogen which competes with natural estrogen thereby limiting estrogen activity to reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

“Today, at least one in two cancer patients will be cured of the disease, and we now have more tools than ever for Asians to reduce their risk of cancer and to improve survival from the disease. This act by Ace Canning is a powerful testimony to how our business and industry leaders can add value to provide strong support for publicizing the significance of raising awareness towards cancer research. We hope to build a future free of the fear of cancer. Together, we both hope to make a lasting impact in the fight against cancer and save more Asian lives” said Mr Andy Khoo, Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Research Malaysia.

In conjunction with Pink October, Ace Canning has partnered with major hospitals to raise public awareness and encourage regular screenings for breast cancer among the Malaysian women community. Throughout October, all the women undergoing breast ultrasound and mammogram screenings at the participating hospitals will receive free HOMESOY 3.0 Soya Milk gifted by HOMESOY. Among the hospitals participating are Columbia Asia Hospitals, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Prince Court Medical Centre, and Sunway Medical Centre as well as many others.

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