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En Noor Ahmad Hamid accompanied by Datuk Dr. Soon Ting Kueh and Dato’ Vincent Lim (from the right) to launch AGExpo and HOMEDEC

HOMEDEC made its way to KLCC to promote its products alongside AGExpo, as they collaborated to inspire the community on the living lifestyle of senior citizens. Both expos had carefully curated the health and wellness equipment for people who have reached their golden years. 

The number of senior citizens aged over 65 will exceed six million senior citizens, with another 1.4 million senior citizens aged 80 and above in 2040. Hence, AGEexpo has the vision to spread awareness regarding the uprising number of senior citizens while promoting a high-quality lifestyle for every age. In addition, a survey done by the Valuation and Property Services Department has found that the local property market has recorded a total of RM87bil; this value will produce an estimated RM43.5bil for the renovation value. 

En Noor Ahmad Hamid, Datuk Dr Soon Ting Kueh, Dato’ Vincent Lim visiting the signature Show Home featuring a life-sized Senior Lifestyle and Living Show Home Design.

During the expo, C.I.S President and Organiser for HOMEDEC and AGExpo, Dato’ Vincent Lim, said, “AGExpo aims to showcase and share examples, ideas, and inspirations of how to live healthily even as we age. The exhibition that is held alongside HOMEDEC is an ideal platform for us to showcase the successful management and integration of life for the elderly.”

NACSCOM Deputy President, Co-Organiser for AGExpo, Datuk Dr. Soon Ting Kueh, says, “There are so many ways for aging members of our society to care for their health to live healthy, useful lives and for their carers to have the knowledge, skills, and tools to manage aging issues and AGEXPO aims to help inspire critical discussions on the needs of these elderly.” 

Dato Vincent Lim (C.I.S President and Organiser for HomeDec and AGExpo) (fourth from left), Datuk Dr. Soon Ting Kueh (NACSCOM Deputy President, Co- Organiser for AGExpo) (fifth from left), Encik Noor Ahmad Hamid (Chief Operating Officer of MyCEB) (Sixth from the left) and the supporting associations of AGExpo at the Official Opening.

The four-day exhibition also offers visitors design tips from HOMEDEC’s interior designer experts while offering mega deals on interior decoration from renowned quality brands such as electrical appliances, furniture, and other solutions.

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