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Hisense released four 2-door HiFresh Inverter refrigerators, one 4-door inverter refrigerator, together with a 2-in-1 Washer and Dryer Pure Jet Series, for all Malaysians to enjoy. These six products are now available to all Hisense dealer stores in Malaysia.

Mr. William Li, Managing Director of Hisense Malaysia, said, “We truly see how the needs of Malaysians are slowly evolving over time and here at Hisense we make it our mission to satisfy those needs with the launching of our new and improved home appliances. We believe that the features equipped in these six new products will serve as a great convenience to users’ lifestyle. Hisense Malaysia is so proud to introduce these new products in the HiFresh Inverter Series as well as Hisense Pure Jet Series and Malaysians can expect more home appliances being launched in the coming months.”

Hisense HiFresh Inverter Series

(RT549N4ABU, RT286N4ABN, RT328N4ABN, RT318N4ABN)

With a premium design attached to the Hisense HiFresh Inverter Series, Hisense offers a 240L to 500L capacity for this series. Other than the capacity of the fridge, Hisense also designed the Door Balcony of the fridge to be sized at XXL to provide a spacious compartment for consumers to freely accessorize the fridge to their own liking. To ensure that all products in the fridge will be kept fresh and clean from dirt and bacteria, these refrigerators come with a multi-air flow system feature that will circulate every corner of the interior. Not to mention, Hisense is aware of the common problem of ice buildup in food, hence ‘Total No Frost Technology’ was introduced to help consumers from having to manually defrost their food.  

Taking worries off the consumer’s shoulders, a durable Hisense HiFresh Inverter will constantly monitor the internal condition of the refrigerator while managing the output to the longevity of the refrigerator. Moreover, refrigerators that came in with Hisense advanced Inverter Technology are promised to be eco-friendly energy and money-saving products.

Hisense 4 Door Inverter 520L


Similar to the two-door inverter series, the (RQ515N4AB1) comes with Electronic Touch Control, allowing consumers to freely customize the refrigerator to their desired temperature in each compartment. Unlike the two-door series, the premium refrigerator also has a Super Freeze option for the consumer who wants to preserve the freshness and flavor of their food. The function ‘Super Freeze’ on this series will swiftly drop its temperature from standard 6°C to a cooling 2°C for 6 hours while maintaining the quality of the food.  Accommodating to the consumer’s preference, anyone is free to alter the humidity anywhere in the fridge – from inside the crisper drawer to the stored consumables. 

The design of the 4-door Inverter Refrigerator was intended to be matched with the modern kitchen concept, as it was built to be the optimal height to integrate into any cabinet or counter. Huge drawer space was also provided to allow a broad opening area for users to quickly store and take out the food.

Front Load Washer and Dryer 10KG + 6KG


The Front Load Washer and Dryer WDQY1014EVJM from the Pure Jet Series by Hisense was made to provide the ultimate sensation of an efficient washer-dryer where it could hold up to 10kg for washing and 6kg for drying to match any typical household clothes cleaning demands. With the Pure Jet Series, any difficult-to-remove stains will be easily eliminated by the washer and enable the user to pause the wash to add items throughout the washing process. During any emergency scenarios, a Quick Wash option is offered by the WDQY1014EVJM, enabling users could clean small loads in 15 minutes.

By having a Drum Clean option, the washer-dryer would eliminate 99.9% of germs and molds from the washer with an extremely hot water stream and is backed by The Allergy Steam system in the WDQY1014EVJM.

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