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Durian Stalls

That time of the year has come. The stench that people can’t determine if they like it or not, the stalls on every corner of the street, yes, durian season is here. Despite movement is still under limited restriction, nothing will stop us Malaysians from devouring the King of Fruits. Below are some of the best places in Selangor to get all kinds of durian at great prices:

  1. Say Heng Durian Stall, Subang Jaya
    A 20-year veteran in the industry, this company offers a huge variety of durians including XO, Udang Merah, Tracka, Golden Phoenix, and others. Delivery option is also available to areas in the Klang Valley, just make sure to order before 3 p.m. to get your order delivered on the same day. Check out their website at or contact +6012-9992333 to order/inquire about the available durians.
  2. Durian Bear, Petaling Jaya
    This is a popular option for most, as they also offer a wide range of durians and because they are customer-friendly. Durian Bear does not only offer durians, but also durian-based products such as durian crepe, durian cake, cendol durian, and even durian paste. Quality is a priority here, if you’re opting for delivery, all the durians will go through a strict quality check before being packed and delivered fresh to you. Delivery is available to most areas in the Klang Valley, log on to or contact +6016-8947992 for more info.
  3. Ezy Durian, Batu Caves
    Located in Batu Caves, Ezy Durian is where you’ll find off-season durians such as Durian Lipan Merah, Durian Balik Pulau, Durian D144, and many more, on top of the others that are available everywhere. Similar to the others, they offer delivery service within Klang Valley, however, what makes them stand out is that every order will be delivered within 2 hours of purchase. If the durians received are somehow rotten, this company has a refund policy for unsatisfactory purchases. For more information, log on to:  or contact +6011-2081 9711.
  4. Pasar Tani Kekal Selayang
    Apart from Durians, Pasar Tani Kekal Selayang also sells plenty of local fruits such as mangosteen, langsat and of course, durian (bulk purchases available). All the fruits are collected fresh from local orchards that are officially registered under FAMA which is also responsible for the export of durians abroad. Therefore, the quality of the fruits sold here should not be of concern to you. For more information, contact +6019-6630733
  5. Berkeley Durian, Klang
    Established in 1975, Berkeley Durian sells many types of durian including Udang Merah, D24, Butter King, Black Thorn, and many more. Avocados, strawberries, dragon fruit, and other products such as organic eggs are available here. Berkeley Durian is available for delivery through the Grab app, where there are discounts and promotions that can be applied to it. For more information, contact +6016-6491511.
  6. Durianity, Puchong
    Durianity is located in OI Boulevard, Puchong where you can enjoy fresh durians as well other unique durian-based products such as Durian Pizza, Fried Rice with Musang King, or even Musang King White Coffee. This durian-inspired restaurant also sells the famous Raub Musang King all year round. Look at their full menu on the GrabFood application to make your delivery. For more information, contact +6012-5228611.
  7. Durian Man, Petaling Jaya
    Durian Man initially opened as a small stall in 1998 and has become a famous location among durian lovers in Klang Valley. Durian Man also actively promotes their durians through Facebook and conducts frequent live sessions to promote durians such as the Musang King, offered at marked-down prices. For more information, log on to: or contact +6012-2345619

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