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Malaysia’s leading athlete, xNOVA

Fresh off the launch of the repackaged Goodday Charge, Goodday unveiled xNOVA, Malaysia’s leading e-sports athlete and the 2022 Asian Games bronze medalist, as the face of their campaign to enhance acceptance and legitimize e-sports as a sport on par with traditional sports. The launch, officiated by Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh, took place in the presence of Ahmed Faris Amir (CEO of Esports Integrated), xNOVA, stakeholders, and the media.

This initiative follows Goodday’s recent partnership announcement during the launch of the National E-sports Development Guidelines (NESDEG), aimed at effective governance within the e-sports community. Part of Goodday’s efforts involves supporting e-sports in the realm of health and fitness.

(2nd from right), Minister of Youth & Sports, Hannah Yeoh

Despite e-sports gaining recognition, it is often misconceived as promoting an inactive lifestyle. Goodday aims to debunk such myths and promote wider acceptance, emphasizing the physical and mental demands of e-sports, which studies show enhance cognitive abilities and reaction times crucial for professional gamers. E-sports has earned Malaysia international acclaim and medals, with the Malaysian e-sports team securing three gold medals at the recent Commonwealth E-sports Championship in Birmingham, England.

Through collaboration with xNOVA, Goodday seeks to raise awareness of e-sports athletes and change perceptions. xNOVA, also known as Yap Jianwei, began his esports journey at age 14, overcoming obstacles to become Malaysia’s top earner and a prominent e-sports player.

Etika’s Vice President of Marketing, Amy Gan

Etika Sdn. Bhd’s Marketing Vice President Amy Gan expressed, “As the 3rd largest game market in the region and 14 million players in Malaysia, we see a definitive rise of e-sports with many talented Malaysian esports athletes being recognized internationally. Yet, with all the potential surrounding esports, it is confounding that parents rarely encourage their children to pursue it,”

“The negative perception painted towards e-sports is that it is a sedentary habit where kids stay up all night and neglect their studies, and well-being needs to be addressed and we felt that this was a role that Goodday could play in changing mindsets and giving e-sports athletes the same level of recognition as their peers in sports.”

The repackaged Goodday Charge is now available nationwide, offering a delicious and nutritious option for esports professionals and enthusiasts. For more information, please visit or

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