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 (from left) Izanie Nadzim (Head of Insights) , Tiffany Tan( Head of Marketing, F&N Dairies), MK K-Clique, Thompson Chuah (Marketing Manager, F&N Dairies), Ng Eng Cheang (Managing Director, Commercial Operations Malaysia), Chan Poi Ling (Director, Modern Trade & E-commerce) attended the launch of ‘Biar Ori, Baru Sempoi’ campaign.

F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd., one of the largest beverage manufacturers and distributors launched a new brand campaign, “Biar Ori, Baru Sempoi” to reinforce the brand positioning of the F&N Teh Tarik on-the-go launched in April 2020. 

MK K-Clique

The campaign features an exciting brand film and a theme song entitled “Biar Ori, Baru Sempoi” exclusively sung by popular homegrown singer and rapper, MK K-Clique. “Biar Ori, Baru Sempoi” aims to resonate with open-minded Malaysians in a lively and stimulating manner- at the same time enabling those who want to enjoy their favorite Teh Tarik whenever and wherever they are. 

Brewed using F&N’s signature dairy creamer and real tea, F&N Tarik ORI provides a chilled Teh Tarik with a familiar sensation. Designed to be consumed on the go, F&N Teh Tarik is the perfect companion after a day at work or when you catch up with friends. The product is now available in 2 variants – ORI and Less Sweet and in both slim can and bottle format, making it the perfect drink with a satisfying taste.

Tiffany Tan, Head of Marketing, F&N Dairies for F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd

“Initially made available during the height of the pandemic back in 2020, F&N Teh Tarik aimed to bridge the gap for those who were missing the authentic ‘mamak experience’. To continue the momentum and connect with younger Malaysians in a more exciting and energetic way, we have launched this new campaign ‘Biar Ori’ which signifies the most original taste, and ‘Baru Sempoi’ which means the coolest in its most awesome form to get closer to the hearts of every Malaysian and make sure the F&N Teh Tarik is available and accessible to everyone on-the-go any time, anywhere,” said Tiffany Tan, Head of Marketing, F&N Dairies for F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd.   

F&N Biar Ori, Baru Sempoi Campaign

Staying true to the brand’s commitment to offering Malaysians vibrant and flavor-packed drinks wherever they are, the campaign will also place a one-of-a-kind interactive vending machine across major transit areas in Malaysia that offer Malaysians a chance to ‘shake up’ their own can of Teh Tarik for the entire month. The F&N Teh Tarik ORI and Less Sweet will also be launched onto East Malaysia shores this May, as part of the Brand’s efforts to extend its offerings to all Malaysians. 


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