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The Federation of Malaysian Business Associations or better known as FMBA will be organizing the very first Malaysia Industry Awards or simply known as MINDA 2023 on 8 August 2023 to outstanding entrepreneurs and their companies for achieving feats in building their businesses which subsequently enhance the country’s economy.

MINDA 2023 was established because of the pressing need to recognize industry players who have not been given enough recognition amidst the tremendous effort put into mending, reviving and elevating their businesses in the last couple of years. FMBA created this platform with the support of 200 Association Presidents to bring the industry players together and recognize the awardees for their success.

Founder and CEO of D’Tandoor Food Industry and President of FMBA, Kol. Bersekutu (PA), Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah said, ” I am happy to see MINDA happening and appreciate the different association’s members for supporting the event as it will be a great platform in bringing the business people together”. Datuk went further on to thank his Council members and specifically highlighted the Organizing Chairperson, Mr Sze Kok Hoong for championing the way to make the occasion possible.

“Understanding the effort of all the organizing committee, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the committee members and secretariat for coming together to make MINDA 2023 a reality. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the panel of judges led by the acquainted Professor Dato Dr Jayles Yeoh, President of MDCC and CEO of AIMSMET Executive Education. We believe that Dato Jayles and his panel of judges are the right people to carry these enormous responsibilities in deciding the best of the best in every category.” said Mr Sze Kok Hoong, the Organizing Chairperson of MINDA.

Sze also mentioned that he is expecting positive numbers of nomination entries from members and companies who are strongly convinced that this platform would be a great contribution to their corporate branding in which they are acknowledged in front of over 200 associations leaders representing more than 200,000 members, consequently giving jobs to over 3 million people in Malaysia.


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