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In an open letter to YB Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Communications & Multimedia, the Malaysian Association of Advertising Filmmakers (PPFIM) asked he was going to “let them die” by not letting the industry operate. The association expressed that they are hanging on a thin line and are running out of funds to support their employees and survive through the pandemic. 

“Marketing and advertising stimulate sales which in turn grows the economy. It is a proven equation but to work, it requires a chain of support services. Once the chain is broken, the economy falters. The people behind short film producers play an important part in this chain. They need to be allowed to operate to produce the content we need to sell our goods and services. This will help us do our part in helping in keeping the economy going,” said En. Mohamed Kadri Mohamed Taib, President of the Malaysian Advertisers Association. 

The Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) and the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) supported this statement and stated that the Government must allow shooting to start once again. During the pandemic, a tremendous increase in digital traffic was observed, and to adapt to the changing consumer behavior, the advertising and marketing industry has focused its marketing efforts in the digital space.

Andrew Lee, President of The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia, added that the industry is ready to support the government in accelerating technology adoption by creating effective digital content and campaigns to lift consumer spending patterns to pre-COVID-19 levels, boost business and household confidence as this will reinvigorate economic recovery. 

The letter then concluded by saying “Please Dato’ Saifuddin… Please don’t let us die!”

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