Experience a Dino-mite Explosion of Jurassic Fun with Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park: Interactive Indoor Playground!

by Kevin Chong
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Opening its doors for the very first time in Malaysia, the Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park welcomes the youth to an interactive indoor playground featuring a variety of dinosaurs from prehistoric ages.

Dinosaurs have always been popular among the youth and as fascinating as these creatures are, they are mostly found in books and movies. Therefore, KKday, Asia’s leading travel experience platform has brought the Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park to Malaysia for families to teleport to the Jurassic era.

The venue featured a series of life-size dinosaur animatronics which portrayed the prehistoric creatures in their element by moving and making terrifying noises. Patrons were able to take pictures with these scary dinosaurs to show their friends and family.

Made available until 31 August 2022, The Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park at Pavilion Bukit Jalil invites guests of all ages to enjoy the facilities at the establishment. A primary objective of the  park was to provide a platform that can inspire children to learn more about prehistoric animals  while engaging in fun and sporty activities.

It was conceived to generate an impactful hands-on experience by engaging the attendees’ emotions, attention, and concentration. The facilities including trampolines, games, rides, huge displays of dinosaurs, and more will keep children up and on their feet throughout the experience.

Here are some of the attractions that you and your kids will be sure to enjoy.

Primeval Forest
Once you enter, be wowed by the various dinosaurs that come alive and greet you with their roars! Wander around taking selfies with your favorites but be careful, don’t get bitten!

Interact with Dinosaurs that come alive!
The dinosaurs are alive! Runnnnnnnnnn – but not before you snap a good photo together!

Ride your favorite dinosaurs
Take a ride on the wild side, by riding on your favorite dinos. With plenty of options, pick your favorite and hang tight!

Dino express train ride
All onboard! Choo Choo! This ain’t no ordinary train – on the dino express, one can expect one heck of a ride!

Volcanic Slide
Things are heating up on this volcano! Slide down the 3-meters slide to get away from the boiling lava! Hurry! There isn’t much time to escape.

Don’t let your feet touch the lava Trampoline
The floor is lava! The childhood game we adored has become a reality with the volcano trampoline area. See how high your kid (or you) can jump while avoiding the lava floor!

Excavate the Dino Bones Play Area
Okay little explorer, it’s time to get your shovel and get down and dirty! We’ll need your help to scavenge for dinosaur bones. Are you up to the challenge of finding them all?

Dino Hunting Shooting Game
Ready, aim, fire! Test out your aiming with a shooting game in the adventure park

Dino Jungle Bouncy Castle
Explore the bouncy land of the Dino Jungle and have a bouncy good time! This bouncy castle mimics the lands that these pre-historic characters used to roam on!

Interactive Ball Pit
Who doesn’t love a good ball pit! Ours is special as it comes with an interactive screen that encourages you to try and hit all the little goals on the screen with the balls.

Puzzle Building Pit
Oh no, you’ve fallen into a pit! We’ll need your help to solve the puzzle to build your escape route out!

Interactive Fun Slide
This little fun slide will see your kids going up and down multiple times!

Event Details and Ticketing

KKday is the exclusive ticketing provider for Jurassic Dinosaur – Adventure Park Interactive Indoor Playground. Entry tickets are available for purchase via https://kkday.me/dinogcma

Jurassic Dinosaur – Adventure Park Interactive Indoor Playground
Location Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Lot 5.85.00, Level 5, Orange Zone
Date 1 June to 31 August 2022
Operating Hours Weekdays: 10.00am – 8.30pm (Closed from 2:00pm – 3:30pm) Full day pass

Weekends/Public Holidays/Eve of Public Holidays/School Holidays: 10.00am – 9.40pm 6 sessions per day (10.00am, 12.00pm, 2.00pm, 4.00pm, 6.00pm. 8.00pm),

100 minutes per session

Last entries are at 8.00pm


The ticket pricings are as below:

Ticketing Pricing
Weekday Price RM 55
Weekend Price

(including public holidays, eve of public holidays and school holidays)

RM 60

* Same ticket pricing for adults and children. Recommended for children over 2 years old.

** Weekday tickets are available for full day sessions while weekend sessions are limited to time slots

Save up to RM28 with a packaged purchase of 4 tickets:

Ticketing Pricing
Weekday Price RM 196
Weekend Price

(including public holidays, eve of public holidays and school holidays)

RM 212

Weekend and Weekday tickets can be purchased with a 50% discount on 8 and 9 August 2022 using the promo code DINO8. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy a 50% discount on Weekday 1-Day Pass tickets with a minimum purchase of 4 tickets, using the promo code DINO50, applicable from today until 31st August 2022. Tickets purchased can be used on the spot or at a later date, so be sure to make use of this promotion to book your tickets ahead of time for an opportunity to enjoy an out-of-this-world Jurassic experience. 

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