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As part of the European Wellness Group’s efforts to make regenerative and biological medicine accessible worldwide, the group has opened its 38th center of wellness, namely European Wellness Retreat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The establishment of the latest European Wellness Retreat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a joint venture between the owners of The Mines and European Wellness Biomedical Group.

Although it is the 38th addition to the global chain of wellness centers in European Wellness Group, it is the first and most comprehensive wellness retreat center in the region. Equipped with luxurious amenities, European Wellness Kuala Lumpur promises to deliver 5-star wellness treatments as well as therapeutic anti-ageing and youth revitalization services to all its patients.

The Chairman and Founder of European Wellness Biomedical Group, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike K.S. Chan, officiated the official opening of the new centre and gave his opening speech at the event held at Mines Wellness City. The event was later followed by a luncheon together with all the invited VIP guests and attendees of the official opening. Also present at the event was Tan Sri Dr. Lim Wee Chai, Executive Chairman of Top Glove, the world’s largest gloves manufacturer.
The distinguished European Wellness brand is renowned for its exceptional health and wellness services through personalized patient care and highly-effective treatments.

The European Wellness Group will be expanding its reach further by opening more centers in the near future. These centers will be located in Santorini, Greece and in Kuching, Malaysia, which center is expected to open in December this year.

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