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SME and Entrepreneurs Business Awards (SEBA) 2022 – BEST SME: Solution Provider in Integrated Building and Facilities Management

The first-ever Northern edition of the SME and Entrepreneurs Business Awards (SEBA) 2022 awarded Enviro IFM (M) Sdn Bhd (Enviro) for the “BEST SME: Solution Provider in Integrated Building and Facilities Management”. Being a pioneer with 20 years of experience in disaster restoration management solutions, Enviro has been actively providing its services in Malaysia since 2009. Throughout the years, they have been offering the most comprehensive Indoor Environmental Technologies and Engineering Services to companies, guaranteeing a healthier and safer indoor environment for residential, commercial, or even industrial markets. 

Kr8tif Express had the opportunity of interviewing Mr. Ahmed Fuad, Group COO of Enviro Group, to get a better understanding of the growth and objective of the company. Before the infection of SARs, Tuberculosis (TB), and H1N1, many companies and residential areas overlooked the importance of indoor air quality and did not take any initiative to pursue professional companies to undergo monitoring services, disinfecting, and even Indoor Air Quality Assessment. 

Enviro IFM’s Clean Air Solution

Enviro understood the importance of indoor air quality and the prevention of harmful airborne diseases; they went through in-depth research in China and Dubai to create the best hygiene products and services to improve indoor air quality and avoid Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) to occur in the local scene. Enviro also believes that neglecting the Indoor Air Quality would affect comfort, causing unproductiveness, and absenteeism. Hence, Enviro advises corporate leaders to keep an eye on the air quality in their office and working environment. 

With the ongoing pandemic due to the ever-evolving COVID-19 virus, Enviro was one of the few companies that bloomed their businesses during this downfall period for many. Prior to this, only a few organizations built an interest in diving deep into the world of hygiene; but with the uprising of COVID-19 cases, many had ventured deeper into this industry. Although the number of air quality service providers has been increasing throughout the recent years, Enviro does not view them as competitors but as fellow heroes who wanted to make Malaysia a cleaner and safer country. 

Mr. Ahmed Fuad, Group COO of Enviro Group

When questioned about the downside of the uprising number of competitors, Mr. Ahmed Fuad shared his opinion, saying, “The industry is finally getting the recognition it deserves. By any means, we are more than happy that people are joining in this journey.  It is true it might affect our business sales and income in the long run, but as I would clarify again, we have been in this industry for so long that we are no longer a stranger to large companies or even the government. If anything, I would love to share the right way of the SOP with the country which leads to my idea of making Malaysia a better place for everyone.”

Since the debut of Enviro, the company’s main focus was to serve and improve the air quality of the local scenes, Ahmed also added Enviro’s plans in expanding overseas. Ahmed added, “Most entrepreneurs and companies would aim for the sky, and we do hope to expand our services to SEA first. But as for me, I have been to Dubai and China, to bring back the latest technology and SOPs that will be the most effective for our country, hence why without a doubt, I would love to spread my wings to a bigger continent of the world.”

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