Engineers Turned Exotic Aquatic Animal Breeders

by Kevin Chong
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Peggy Low and Jason Lee

Back in 2014, two engineers from the Oil and Gas industry decided to venture into unfamiliar grounds. Lo and behold, Jason Lee and Peggy Low will unknowingly establish a niche market that revolves around breeding rare shrimp, producing organic aquatic plants, and importing rare fish and shellfish from across the globe through their newfound company, Beebie Shrimp A.K.A Beebie.

Rare species bred at Beebie – the Aloha Shrimp

Beebie is known for breeding rare shrimp and other aquatic species that are non-native to Malaysia. By breeding it in Malaysia, shrimp enthusiasts whether it be pet owners or aquatic store owners can relish in the vast variety of shrimp species that can’t be found anywhere in the nation. Aside from breeding and putting these rare high-quality critters on display, Beebie also serves as a one-stop center for breeding and caring needs. Being a professional in the industry, they are equipped with all the necessary equipment, supplements, and products needed to successfully self-breed these aquatic animals.

Biotope/Habitat Aquarium that teaches the audience about biodiversity and ecosystem.

With a mission to become Malaysia’s top aquatic life exporter, the company is motivated and determined to reach the top with education and the environment in mind. The company believes that there is a visible problem in local education lacking the essentiality of providing youths with vital knowledge about the aquatic lives in Malaysia. This not only affects their interest in Malaysia’s diverse and lush aquatic ecosystem but also makes the tough fight for Malaysia to regain its title as a worthy international aquatic life exporter even more back-breaking.

Taking this issue into their own hands, Beebie hopes to arouse an interest in Malaysia’s aquatic life among young ones by providing free education on their Facebook Live and Youtube channel. This way, the public can indulge in the world of aquatic life without spending a dime.

Jason Lee holding a specialized enclosure for breeding shrimp.

Beebie has spent years studying the habits, behavioral patterns, and ecosystem of this aquatic wildlife which is of grave importance to societal welfare. Aquatic and wetland ecosystems have a broad array of structural properties and functions that are essential for the indirect and direct support of humans. Thus, the work that they do is not just important for ensuring the health and well-being of pets, but in the long run, to help improve the ecosystem in Malaysia and the world.

The company has also been doing its part to help some species of Aquatic life continue living on for future generations to admire by preserving and caring for rare breeds of aquatic life that are on the verge of extinction. Through their program and the research that has been done in their facility, they have uncovered groundbreaking discoveries that could change how humans approach shrimp farming – be it for human consumption or pet breeding.

Some Aquatic Plants available at Beebie

With their efforts and knowledge in hand, Beebie has developed the most effective methods for breeding shrimps in the world today. Despite their successes as an organization, they continue to strive for patriotism by helping the nation inch towards becoming the preferred destination for aquaculture research, exports, and solutions, in turn, boosting the economy as a whole.

Beebie is currently categorized as a maturing business where they have more brand awareness with consumers and a strong presence in their target market. With them providing niche businesses in breeding rare shrimp and other aquatic species, Beebie has been recognized by the media such as Astro, and MyFM for their iconic product – the Aloha Shrimp. Beebie has been making a massive impact on the community since 2014 as they are recognized as one of the few top shrimp breeders among ASEAN countries. The Beebie team has made their way to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan by invitation to judge the quality of shrimp.

Beebie’s Colossal Facility for Breeding and Caring for Aquatic Wildlife

The factor that sets Beebie apart from the rest is their post-purchase services to the customers. Customers are welcomed to the store at any time to have a chat with the team on everything aquatic life, from raising their aquatic life pet to diagnosing a disease that their pet may be down with.

For more information, visit  or follow Beebies Shrimp Aquatic Pet on Facebook at @beebiesshrimp. 

Feel free to pay them a visit at their newest facility:

Beebies Shrimp Store
19, Lor Sungai Puloh 8/KU6, Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Puloh,
Aman Perdana, 42100 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Open from:
Monday – Sunday
10am to 7:00pm

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