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Durian Flash Sales at DurianMan SS2

Acclaimed SS2 durian pioneer – DurianMan recently hosted a durian flash sale campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, where some 300 to 400 people relished in premium Black Thorn and Musang King durians at only half the price. Present to grace the event is Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security YB Tuan Chan Foong Hin, as well as YB Lim Yi Wei, Incumbent ADUN Kg Tunku.

Speaking to Mr. CK Lee, the owner of the establishment, he mentioned that this initiative was intended to provide opportunities for people of lower income groups to enjoy the most sought-after premium durians at a fraction of the cost. 

DurianMan started from humble beginnings in 1998 – from a pop-up stall, it has now transitioned into a fully equipped establishment with seating on two floors with air conditioning, which has led to it being a durian hub in SS2. Here, customers come from all walks of life, and oftentimes tourists from Singapore, China, Indonesia, etc. can be spotted at the durian establishment. The service is exceptional, and customers claim to be happy about the honesty and integrity of the prices. 

Crowds surging to enjoy durians

Apart from this, Mr. CK Lee also shared his outlook on the durian industry in 2023 and gave us some insights into the challenges that were faced this year. According to him, durians flourish during two seasons in a year; the long season being from May to August, followed by a short season in December. However, he claimed that most farmers were experiencing the “burnt seed” disease starting in May due to the heat wave experienced in Malaysia. Nonetheless, the experienced farmers managed to address the situation quickly and thus resulted in a fruitful harvest.

The owner of DurianMan further expressed that the export market for durians is growing but not satisfactory as they have been exporting to China, Hong Kong, Australia, and the UK for some time now. The challenge is that Malaysia lacks global exposure to its durians, hence, being more in demand for the local market. 

Mr. CK Lee said, “I had a great time today serving people of all income groups, and providing the opportunity for them to taste the most premium durians. When I was approached by the ministry to host this campaign, I did not hesitate and  I worked hard to execute it timely so that everyone can have a taste of our bountiful harvest. If there are enough durians toward the end of the season, I will look into the possibility of hosting yet another flash sale campaign.”

Adam Ham, CEO of GCMA & Mr. CK Lee, Owner of DurianMan

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