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Led by Norashekin Bt Daud, a visually impaired individual, Ashekin Rich Resources was established as a company that provides a complete set of unisex Muslim Funeral Packages, Muslim Funeral Courses, Islamic Pre-Wedding courses and a placental management program to the community. With the aim of bringing great exposure to the importance of the stated products, Ashekin Rich Resources also pursue Primary schools, Secondary schools, and Public and Private universities, where they offer talks to give young individuals a better understanding of funeral processes and traditions. Having made most of its income through funeral packages, Ashekin offers services that are affordable to every group in Malaysia and has attracted many buyers for CSR purposes that are directed to mosques and NGOs. 

Even before the pandemic, the Founder of Ashekin Rich Resources, Norashekin Bt Daud, foresaw the demands for funeral packages to be at a staggering increase in Malaysia. Research conducted by Ashekin found that a large group of Muslims in Malaysia cannot afford to pay for these funeral packages. To make things worse, different states in Malaysia place different rates and charges for handling the bodies of the deceased, ranging from RM800 to RM1.5k. Ashekin believes that everyone should be able to afford their last clothing and services on earth, hence why they offer packages as low as RM250.

Ashekin (Left) having an interview session with SEBA’s MC

During the pandemic period, the demands for funeral packages were shooting through the roof; not just from Hospitals, but also from NGOs, and community groups, who massively purchased the products. On top of that, tons of Muslim individuals stock up on these products to ensure that they will have the supplies when the time comes. The sudden surge of demand tremendously boosted Ashekin’s sales, growing on a larger scale and reaching new prospects. As much as it seems like a downfall period for the world, the pandemic has recorded the highest sales for Ashekin Rich Resources.

Ashekin Rich Resources has also made its way to Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand as an initiative to expand its empire. By receiving the Leading Female Entrepreneur in Memorial Service award from SEBA, they plan to add three more locations in the East Coast region by 2023, attract five more stockists by 2024, and travel to Cambodia as a new destination to venture in. 

Ashekin and family

During the interview with Ashekin, Kr8tif Express went deep into her personal life and her initial thoughts on joining the memorial industry. Ashekin stated, “As a stage 2 breast cancer survivor, the urge to help people out on any occasion is always there. I can’t just sit still and do nothing about it. It is understandable that death is certain, but we can’t just take it so lightly that we leave it to god and fate to decide on it. It’s never wrong to take care of oneself by preparing for the worse outcome.”

“And as a Person With Disabilities who suffer from being half-blind, I would like to say that we should never give up in life just because of our disability or sickness. Being sick and disabled does not stop you from being who you want to be. With the right circle and support, anything is achievable as long as you want to live your dreams. Resiliency is a strong factor that is capable of inspiring others to strive more in life,” added Ashekin

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