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UZUROCKS CEO, Eddie Park, on the left is shaking hands with WEBTVASIA Group COO / Singapore CEO, Victor Chin, after signing MoU At WEBTVASIA’s Singapore office.

WebTVAsia, new media pioneer and pan-Asian creator economy builder, has partnered up with the fastest growing South Korean digital media entertainment and commerce company – UZUROCKS to expand its business horizon outside of South Korea.

The partnership includes: cross-border expansion of South Korean stars and media contents across SouthEast Asia and Greater China territories, cross-border brand marketing solutions, multi-channel network businesses and more.

Lee Ji-hye, former K-pop group ‘S#ARP’ member.

UZUROCKS gained its reputation in the digital media industry by becoming the top TikTok multi-channel network company in South Korea, growing mega size channels from scratch such as Lee Si-Young, Korean female actress from Netflix series ‘Sweet Home,’ and creating original content for famous celebrities such as  Ji Suk-Jin from ‘Running Man’,  Din Din from ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, and Lee Ji-Hye, a former K-pop group ‘S#ARP’ member.

Jee Seokjin, famous South Korean comedian, singer, television presenter, actor, and broadcaster.

“Now we are expanding our business areas beyond social media content production and distribution. Like WEBTVASIA, we provide services in brand marketing, social commerce, merchandise, OTT original content production, and technology. I decided to partner with WebTVAsia because of the similarities and also the differences we have.” said Eddie Park, CEO of UZUROCKS.

DinDin, famous South Korean rapper, television personality and radio personality.

Fred Chong, the founder and Group CEO of WEBTVASIA, explained that the partnership is not simply limited to cross-border expansion of the existing contents and stars, but it is about creating new creator economy business models. “As leading innovators in the space of creator economy, Eddie, UZUROCKS CEO, and I share a very similar vision. UZUROCKS can reach billions of Asian people outside of South Korea; and we can tap into the most advanced entertainment industry in Asia. This partnership can create synergy beyond our imagination.”

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