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Didi & Friends The Movie hits cinemas beginning 23 February as the popular Malaysian animation, Didi & Friends continues to expand its standards. Led by the main characters, Didi Nana & Jojo, 104-minute film the delights viewers with a string of exciting tunes and, for the first time, an action-filled adventure.

Published by Astro Shaw, Warnakala Studios and Digital Durian with the cooperation of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the film also features a slew of new characters, including Torra, Nek Kura, Kapten Zee and Tok Chip.

Many of the characters are voice-acted by notable local stars, including Dato’ Awie (Tok Chip), Amelia Henderson (Kapten Zee),Ruminah Sidek (Nek Kura) and Waris (Torra). Famous local singer, Hael Husaini also makes an appearance to voice the character of Pak Beruang and sing the movie’s theme song ‘Luar Biasa’. All the new characters depict different endangered species in Malaysia, including the Malaysian tiger, hornbill, rhinoceros and more.

Chief Executive Officer of Warnakala Studios, explained, “Didi & Friends The Movie is a unique film with excellent storytelling and action-packed adventures and challenges outside of Horey Town, suited for viewing by people of all walks of life and ages. This film differs significantly from the television series in terms of texturing, rigging, modeling, animation, theme colors, and other technical aspects.”

Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Malay Nusantara Businesses, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad said that she’s very excited that viewers will be able to enjoy Didi & Friends The Movie soon. “Astro was with Didi & Friends since their first inception to now when they are known as one of  the most popular animated series in the country. When it came to the movie, we felt honoured to be involved as a producer and in development, marketing and distribution.”

Ticket sales for Didi & Friends The Movie began on 15 February 2023 at 155 cinemas across Malaysia and Brunei. The official screening date will be on 23 February 2023. In line with the coming school holidays, selected cinemas are also conducting engaging campaigns and activities related to the movie for the whole family.


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