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Mr. Tse-Ming Pang, Founder & Group Managing Director of EP Plus Group at the Smecta Media Launch

Diarrhea is a bigger problem than most are willing to admit. It is a conversation that many people find uncomfortable to talk about and perceive to be a “gross” or “dirty” topic. Others might even find it embarrassing to talk about. However, it is certainly a topic that requires more attention as it is a recurring part of our lives. Besides health threats, diarrhea also causes lower productivity in the workplace, decreasing self-confidence and impeding social lives. 

These issues were addressed in the “Take a Stand with Smecta” virtual media event that took place recently, and the brand, Smecta, introduced its medical solution to treat and provide relief for diarrhea by using diosmectite, a natural edible clay. Upon consuming the oral suspension- Smecta, a protective layer will form on the intestine to promote faster recovery of damaged intestinal lining caused by diarrhea. 

Smecta is a product of a French pharmaceutical company, IPSEN, and is distributed exclusively by EP Plus Group in Malaysia. The anti-diarrheal drug is well known for its orange and vanilla flavored editions in Malaysia, and it is suitable for adults and children above 2 years old. At the media event, the brand highlighted one of their newer products, SmectaGo, a ready-to-drink caramel-cocoa flavored oral suspension in a sachet made for people with busy lifestyles. They have also announced that their Smecta Strawberry and Orange-Vanilla will be available in powder sachets as well. 

Mr. Tse-Ming Pang, Founder & Group Managing Director of EP Plus Group, said, “With just a little more public awareness, we can better combat diarrhea as a community. Just like a headache or fever, we will take medicine as a common practice.  So why should diarrhea be any different? It is advisable to use medical solutions like Smecta and get on with our lives in a healthy and productive way. Don’t let diarrhea cramp your lifestyle.”

Media Launch event with Shing Queen, Mat Dan, and Tse-Ming Pang

The virtual media event featured comedy acts by Joanne Kam, Kavin Jay, and Papi Zak, hosted by Douglas Lim on diarrhea and relatable humorous topics. Visit @smectamalaysia on Facebook to watch the session. 

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