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(From left to right) Mr. Atul Gupta, Decathlon Malaysia Expansion Leader, Mr. Arnaud Sauret, CEO & Country Leader of Decathlon Malaysia, Mr. Davis Chong, Executive Director and Group CEO of Solarvest Holdings Berhad & Mr. Jack Tan, Vice President, Group Sales and Marketing of Solarvest Holdings Berhad


Decathlon Malaysia announced their installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) in one of their biggest stores located in Shah Alam on 24 August 2023. This represents Decathlon’s efforts in being more environmentally aware, and sustainable while aligning with their goals of creating 100% renewable energy in their stores and warehouses in 3 years. 

Arnaud Sauret, CEO of Decathlon Malaysia said “Our conviction in the potency of sports to propel our sustainability ambitions is unwavering. By empowering people to embrace sports on their own terms, we champion the cause of cultivating a robust and joyful present and future for generations to come. This entails not only cherishing our invaluable playground but also fostering the creation of a sustainable value of humanity.” 

“With this initiative, we will be cutting the carbon emissions of the Shah Alam store by 38% per annum. Moving forward, all of our new standalone stores will have solar panels on the rooftop,” said Atul Gupta, Decathlon Malaysia Expansion Leader ambitiously. 

A Malaysian-based clean energy expert, Solarvest Holdings Berhad (Solarvest) has made it possible for Decathlon to proceed with its initiative by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Decathlon is relatable to Solarvest as it has a vision to energize a regenerative world and plans to venture into new sustainable solutions across the clean energy ecosystem. 

Decathlon and Solarvest will work closely in the future to work towards renewable energy installation in their future standalone stores and be able to achieve Renewable energy certificates (I-REC or TIGRs) which requires them to achieve the 100% renewable energy goal by 2026.

Davis Chong Chun Shiong, Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of Solarvest said, “We are delighted to be entrusted by Decathlon Malaysia as its key sustainability partner in Malaysia, working together to enhance environmental responsibility. Through our solar financing program, Powervest, we are pleased to facilitate Decathlon Malaysia’s seamless transition to clean energy adoption, without the burden of initial capital outlays.”


Decathlon Malaysia has built its real estate sustainability strategy on the concept that is Reduce, Replace, and Rebuild. They are able to uphold these strategies through Energy Management, Green Building, Renewable Energy, Green Mobility, and Biodiversity. As shown in Decathlon’s 2020-2026 Transition Plan, they are committed to going beyond renewable energy to achieve sustainability in the environment. 

“Our Decathlon products are designed for longevity, owing to their durability, reparability, and recyclable materials. Our goal is to introduce new services that extend the lifespan of our products by promoting reuse and recycling. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on two key services: Repair and Second Life. Our aim is to successfully repair every product that can be repaired. More than 1,000 items have been refurbished since the beginning of this year. We are excited to forge ahead with the development of Rental and Recycling services, both internally and in collaboration with external partners” said Nadia Kopeikina, Sustainability Leader of Decathlon Malaysia

As aligned with their goal, Decathlon employees actively engage in increasing awareness, curbing waste generation, and engaging in sustainable events. With their teammates, suppliers, and clients, Decathlon remains steadfast in committing itself to a more sustainable future. 

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