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Coway Run 2021 Key Visual

“Coway Run 2021: Run for Your Region”, organized by Coway Malaysia opened its registrations on 21 August where the first batch of the tickets was sold out within 24 hours of launch. A total of 10,000 tickets were sold on that day, and as such, Coway has announced that those who have yet to buy their tickets need not fret as additional tickets to the event will be available soon. The inter-regional virtual run is a combination of fun, healthy living, and community spirit under one exciting event. 

“For this year’s Coway Run, we ramped up our ticket production compared to the previous years as we want to encourage more people to lead a healthy lifestyle while still being able to connect with each other safely, even during the lockdown. We are grateful for this overwhelming support from the public all over Malaysia and are delighted to be a part of the nation’s journey towards better health. Rest assured that we will be releasing additional tickets soon so that more people can participate in this virtual run,” said Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia.

Coway Run 2021: Run for Your Region

The event will kick off on 23 September – 23 October, allowing participants to run anytime and anywhere — as long as they keep their feet moving to log in those kilometers. To keep runners motivated throughout the month, Coway Run 2021 has ramped up its “gamified” approach to inject a bit more fun and interactivity into the participants’ running journeys. While participants can choose to run anywhere they please, they will also have access to a “live” map of their route which will display their progress visually. 

The run is open to all Malaysian citizens or residents aged 16 and above and must be registered before 23 October to participate. To automatically record the distance covered during the run, participants can make use of the free app Strava and sync it to their Coway Run profile. Alternatively, they may also manually upload screenshots of their logs in other running or fitness apps suggested in the Coway Run website, to show their KM achieved in their Coway Run account. 

Visit www.cowayrun.com.my  for more info.

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