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Signing ceremony between Country Holdings and JD.worldwide

Beijing Wodong Tianjun Information Technology Co. Ltd is now wholly-owned by Country Heights Holdings Berhad (CHHB) and JD Worldwide as they recently signed a Licensing and Collaboration Agreement at the MINES International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC). 

This collaboration allows the two companies to join forces to infuse artificial intelligence (AI) into the commercial platform as an initiative to heighten the smart home lifestyle experience while stimulating Malaysia’s post-pandemic digital economy. 

This innovation will feature China’s most advanced smart home appliances to Malaysian consumers. With JD Worldwide’s limitless connection, an omnichannel online platform will be furnished by JD to ease transactions through mobile applications and web stores.

As part of this collaboration, JDMines Sdn Bhd will be established to manage and develop this project. JDMines, owned by CHHB (70%) and Star Pulse Sdn Bhd (30%), is a technology incubator that will be working with CHHB on the implementation and execution of the omnichannel business model. 

“This initiative contributes to CHHB’s transformation plan whereby we partner with one of the leading technology e-commerce companies in China to bring advanced technological products into Malaysia and leverage our assets to enhance consumers’ experience. At its core, omnichannel is defined as a multi-channel sales approach that provides users with an integrated customer experience,” said Datuk Jared Lim, Managing Director of CHHB, during his speech.

“We are happy to collaborate with CHHB to bring technology and products into Malaysia through this new e-commerce platform. JD Worldwide and CHHB will continue to work closely together to ensure its success,” said Mr. Wang Jing, the Vice President of cum Head of Strategy Officer of JD Worldwide.

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