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Zayn Puah, Managing Director of Maystar Beauty & YH Dato Sri Megat D. Shahriman bin Dato Zaharudin, Chef de Mission (CDM) and the President of Paralympic Council of Malaysia (PCM)


In preparation for the departure of the 54 contingent mission to Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, YH Dato Sri Megat D. Shahriman bin Dato’ Zaharudin, Chef de Mission (CDM) and the President of Paralympic Council of Malaysia (PCM) announced in their bulletin today, that PCM in the name of Team Para Malaysia will be distributing 45000 Neutrovis Medical Premium Face Masks to the entire community of athletes and officials at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games to promote global diversity and harmony. The partnership also led to the launching of a fundraising CSR initiative, where all proceeds from the PCM x NEUTROVIS t-shirt will be directed to the Malaysian Para Team in an effort to continue developing exceptional athletes with disabilities to represent Malaysia in global competitions. 

The prestigious games held once every 4 years, after delays, have now finally seen the full contingent comprising of athletes, supported by their respective coaches, members of National Sports Council (MSN), a Medical Team from National Sports Institute (ISN), and secretarial staffs from PCM, departed yesterday evening on the 19th August 2021 from KLIA on Japan Airlines 10:45pm flight. The Chef de Mission reiterated that the stringent policies preventing the spread of COVID-19 at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games makes it so that all athletes are required to wear masks at all times except when eating or competing. Failure to do so or violating the protocols will lead to complications that might result in disqualification. 

Group photo before the departure for the mission to Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

In this regard, Chef de Mission and his Contingent Para Malaysia, in partnership with homegrown brand, NEUTROVIS officially decided to pledge for a full commitment in the name of ‘Malaysia’ for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, the “Mask On, Spread Hope” campaign, in order to help and support the International Paralympic community to promote global diversity and harmony within the Paralympic Village in Tokyo, as well as to inspire the entire global population with disabilities (OKU). On the contrary, while our Paralympic athletes strive to obtain excellence in their respective sports, their objective is to spread a message of hope and remind everyone to continue fighting the pandemic as there is no obstacle too big to overcome. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created healthcare challenges worldwide, for all groups of the society. Persons with disabilities, who need to prioritize and manage their own disability challenges, are now required to observe extra precautionary preventive measures to keep themselves protected from being infected to participate in their respective games to avoid any disqualifications and dismissal. These Paralympic Athletes certainly play a vital task in being role models for a large representation of people with disabilities whether locally or worldwide.  

YH Dato Sri Megat D. Shahriman bin Dato Zaharudin, Chef de Mission (CDM) and the President of Paralympic Council of Malaysia (PCM)

Commenting on how proud he is to distribute quality face masks to athletes from 206 countries across the world at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, YH Dato’ Sri Megat D. Shahriman bin Dato’ Zaharudin, Paralympics – Malaysia’s Chef de Mission and President of the Paralympic Council of Malaysia (PCM) said, “Prior to this, we were given regular face masks by other sources, but now, thanks to the goodwill of NEUTROVIS for sponsoring us, the entire sports facility is protected by Premium Medical 4-ply Face Masks that are capable of blocking out bacteria and viruses of up to 98%. We are happy and proud to be able to give out these medical face masks that are of astounding quality and standards at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games to promote friendship and harmony. We hope that we can continue this relationship moving down the road, including cooperating on the recently announced #WeThe15 global CSR campaign over the next 10 years. I am an advocate of the “Mask On, Spread Hope” campaign, I promote it on my social media, and I encourage the entire national sports association to do the same.” 

In this regard, PCM in partnership with NEUTROVIS, have stepped up to encourage local and international Paralympic athletes to protect themselves and each other throughout the competition as part of the “Mask On, Spread Hope” campaign. This encourages the use of effective face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Games; Hence as the Contingent Para Malaysia are now on its way to Tokyo, PCM and NEUTROVIS cordially invites Malaysia to show their support of the local and global communities with disabilities by cheering our national athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.  


In the meantime, the Chef de Mission also announced the availability of a limited-edition PCM / Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games merchandise, designed on a minimalistic approach with vibrant colours and expressive graphics representing athletes with disabilities striving for success at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The t-shirt will be the medium for the rakyat to come together as one to show their support for the athletes while also spreading the message of hope – that one day we will overcome this pandemic together by following the SOPs and wearing effective medical-grade face masks. 100% of the proceeds from the NEUTROVIS x PCM t-shirt will be directed towards the support of the national Paralympic athletes development program for the rest of the year, led by PCM. The t-shirts for a good cause, priced at RM29 are now available for purchase till 5 September 2021 at

Zayn Puah, Managing Director of Maystar Beauty (NEUTROVIS  brand owner), said, “We are honored to be given this opportunity to support our local athletes. We are inspired by the Paralympians because they exemplify what it means to thrive in the midst of adversity as many of them struggled, yet triumphed through the pain. I believe that the OKU community is to be made an example for everyone to follow. Able-bodied people are struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic; I could only imagine how much harder it must be for those with disabilities, yet they do not give up. It is truly uplifting, and I believe Malaysia should take them as an exemplary role model as we face COVID-19 each day. Let us all restore hope back into the lives of our family and friends by pushing forward collectively and never giving up. How are we to make a significant difference if not together?”

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