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A-List actress Rozita Che Wan, commonly known as Che Ta, has been on a roll with her fashion, beauty, and health business, BYRCW, under the tagline – “wow dimata suami”, targets the female community to look more attractive for their husbands. Being the founder of BYRCW, Che Ta has always been involved in the fashion industry throughout her career as she participated in several beauty queen competitions, including Dewi Remaja 1993/94. 

With the vision of being the top beauty and health brand in Malaysia, Che Ta thrived in providing awareness to the local community regarding the importance of taking care of beauty and health. Also accompanied by the vision of spreading beauty and health awareness to the public, Che Ta wishes to create affordable products for the target audience to ensure that everyone can afford to be beautiful and healthy. By establishing BYRCW, Che Ta is currently pushing products such as perfumes, handbags, sanitary napkins, energy drinks, hijabs, and more. Unlike most businesses that produce the products through mass production, Che Ta stands her ground in serving the users with only affordable and high-quality products.  

In contempt of being such a talented artist, especially in the comedy genre, Che Ta always found herself interested in the fashion, beauty, and health industry and wanted to showcase more of her passion for the industry. Some might say that she is a tad late in exploring the industry as she established BYRCW in 2016, but Che Ta believes that nothing is too late to explore, and with one’s passion and dedication, anyone can make it big in everything they do. With her eight years of experience in the entrepreneurship industry, Che Ta already understands the fundamental concepts of starting a business while meeting the demands of the target audience. 

By Che Ta starting her own business and making it her primary source of income, Che Ta felt much more confident in making income through BYRCW, where she found herself making millions throughout the years. As much as she enjoys acting in notable productions, Che Ta also found herself only accommodating to the team’s timing and had invested a small amount of quality time for her and her loved ones. 

Having been awarded “Celebrity Entrepreneur of The Year 2022” by SEBA, it definitely overwhelmed Che Ta as she did not expect to receive such a prestigious award. Even with that said, Che Ta felt full of the joys of spring as she stated, “I am over the clouds to be receiving such an award for my effort in providing affordable and high-quality products to my fans and users. I am proud to say that SEBA has recognized my efforts throughout the years and I felt very much appreciated by it.”

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