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Zhang Yong Buckets Fish

Starting off the Chinese New Year (CNY) with a bang, three notable Chinese restaurants all located in Megah Rise Mall, Petaling Jaya have been highlighted due to their amazing Chinese New Year promotions with menus that stand out. Zhang Yong Buckets Fish, Kheng Wah Restaurant along with Mama’s Bun and Stewed Fish Restaurant had guests review their auspicious CNY menu and immerse into the holiday spirit. 


Firstly, Zhang Yong Buckets Fish located on the first floor of Megah Rise Mall, is one of the few restaurants in Klang Valley that offers popular ‘bucket fish’ cuisine. During this Chinese New Year, they offer Chinese New Year Set Meals for 10 pax (from RM 656++) which include Prosperity Yee Sang along with one flavourful Soup Base with different types of flavors to choose from. There is also a 4.5kg Tilapia fish to be shared or a variety of fish options. Additionally, it also includes Premium Pork Belly, Maling Luncheon Meat, Australian Beef Striploin, and Melty Yolk Shrimp Ball which comes with salted egg. 


On the more healthy side, there is Spinach, Frozen Tofu, Steamboat Noodles, and Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Cake which is deep fried to crispiness and has been known to be a crowd favorite. However, that is not where the menu ends, they also have their Special Corn Cake, Spike Potatoes, Baby Chinese Cabbage, Lotus Root, Fried Fu Chuk, Needle Mushroom, and of course their Prawn Balls. There is a special unlimited sauce for all these options to enjoy as well.

Kheng Wah Restaurant

As for Kheng Wah Restaurant, located at the entrance of Megah Rise Mall facing the main road, leans more towards a Hong Kong-inspired restaurant. They also have a few outlets around Klang Valley which also offer two Chinese New Year menus.


Among the two, more known as Prosperity Abundance Abalone Slice Yee Sang and Luxurious Feast Pot have their own unique dish for a set of 5 people. The Luxurious Feast Pot is a traditional poon choy with many ingredients inside such as abalone, scallop, broccoli, sea cucumber, duck meat, prawns, chicken, mushroom, and yam. As it is highly recommended, guests are able to pre-order by calling the restaurant beforehand. 

Mama’s Buns and Stewed Fish Restaurant

Mama’s Buns and Stewed Fish Restaurant, located on the first floor of Megah Rise Mall, is a unique restaurant that offers Dong Bei cuisine from Northeastern China. They also have the infamous Iron Pot Stew Package which includes a half set of Patin Fish Set and half a set of Spare Ribs Giant Dumpling Pot Combo. 


Megah Rise Mall offers this amazing deal until 18 February 2024. The only requirement is to spend from RM 300 and stand to win cool prizes up to RM 200,000.

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