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Launch of airasia gifts. (Left to right): Rudy Khaw, Chief Brand Officer of Capital A; Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A; Mr. Jeon Woo Jeong, CEO of COOP Marketing Group; Colin Currie, President, Commercial of Capital A

Capital A recently announced their latest initiative which is a community driven experience on the airasia Super App, introducing features such as airasia chat, games and its one-of-a-kind airasia gifts; ultimately giving the community of airasia members the ability to connect, play and share.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A

During his speech, Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A said, “It has been my vision to set up our own airasia community and engagement platform, especially a messenger service like airasia chat, even when we were just an airline. Now that we have evolved into a travel super app, it makes even more sense for us to push this through and introduce this to the world. We have a database of 51 million travellers who are seeking for content, information, and entertainment – which are integral to the pre, actual and post-travel experience.”

Press Conference (Left to right): Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A; Mr. Jeon Woo Jeong, CEO of COOP Marketing Group; Colin Currie, President, Commercial of Capital A; Rudy Khaw, Chief Brand Officer of Capital A

He added, “Essentially, this Community pillar, or what we would like to call airasia Republic, is the future of airasia Super App and integral to the airlines, which will also include features to enhance customer engagement and experience. It is a space where airasia brings the whole of Asean closer together, enabling the community to share information, engage and build meaningful connections, share creativity and learn from each other – thus creating a strong sense of community. Aside from everything I’ve mentioned, we will continue to enhance our ecosystem, creating a more self-sustaining engagement based user experience – making airasia Community truly an airasia way of life.”

With the airasia Super App, users can set up their own social profile in the community via the Profile section. This enables the user to engage and interact with other users in the community while receiving personalised content. They can also participate in discussions in over 20 active communities ranging from foodies, travellers to adventure seekers and follow channels to get the latest news and promotions from the whole airasia ecosystem.

In partnership with COOP Marketing Group, a renowned South Korean mobile voucher industry leader, airasia gifts was introduced as a brand new feature in the Super App. airasia gifts, which only accessible via airasia chat,  enables cross-border mobile gifting between friends and family from an array of categories which include:

  • airasia products – Flights, Hotels, Food

  • Beauty, Health & Wellness (Watsons, BMS, Thai Paradise, Ogawa)

  • Entertainment (PlayStation Network, Razer)

  • Fashion (Zalora, Adidas, FootLocker)

  • Food & Beverages (Starbucks, FamilyMart, Secret Recipe, Dominos)

  • Over 300 brands of mobile gift vouchers to choose from

Colin Currie, President, Commercial of Capital A 

Colin Currie, President, Commercial of Capital A  mentioned, “The global mobile gifting or e-gifting industry is valued at USD258 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD1,101 billion by year 2030*. The airasia Super App has set up the right infrastructure such as airasia chat, which can facilitate mobile gifting easily, especially cross-border gifting, which no other travel super app is able to offer. We are happy to work with COOP Marketing to make it happen. And as we are in the season of giving, this is the right time for us to launch this in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia today. The vision is to drive engagement and app stickiness on our platform, and in the future develop this into our own advertising platform.

Rudy Khaw, Chief Brand Officer of Capital A

In conjunction with the launch of airasia gifts, a special promotion of RM1 for Family Mart ice cream, and RM1 Puff Nasser (curry puff) from Santan by airasia. Follow these simple steps to send a gift to your family and friends:

  1. Go to ‘airasia chat’ and click on ‘airasia gifts’

  2. Choose the country where you are sending the airasia gift

  3. Choose a gift category

  4. Customise your personal message and wallpaper/design

  5. Share the gift with your family and friends




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