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(From left) Datuk Lim, Kelly Teoh, Datuk Wee and Datuk Kelvin Teoh with the Callie’s nature collection

Rentas Health Sdn Bhd officially unveiled its line of high-quality surgical face masks series under the brand Callie. The event was officiated by Guests-of-honor – YB Datuk Seri Ir Dr. Wee Ka Siong, Minister of Transport Malaysia, and YB Senator Datuk Lim Ban Hong, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Malaysia. 

The new mask series titled the “Nature Collection” comes in three variants – ‘New Wave’, ‘For Evergreen’ and ‘Blossome’. These masks were inspired by mother nature, with masks designed after the ocean, abundant forests and floral life themes, to keep Malaysians safe and fashionable amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. 

Callie’s nature collection face masks unveiled

“We are excited to present this new range of “naturally comfortable masks” after months of consumer research to understand the needs of the market. People desire their mask not only to be of top quality but comfortable and stylish as well – ideally one which would reflect their personality and suit any occasion – be it outdoor, for work, at social events, etc. The Nature Collection masks sport earth-toned hues and progressive aesthetics which offer a sense of chic warmth, naturalistic energy, and joyful vibrancy to their wearers,” enthused Teoh. 

While the market is inundated with cheaply-made 3-ply masks of dubious make and quality, Callie stands unique as a quality-assured 4-ply surgical-grade fashionable mask brand designed for maximum wearability and created with an extra soft polypropylene spun-bond non-woven material. Callie masks provide up to 99% filtration efficiency against micro and sub-micron particles, bacteria and viruses, with high hydrophobic capabilities to safeguard against bio-fluids and droplets.

Kelly Teoh with the range of Callie masks

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