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A line -up of Awesome TV celebrities and management at the Awesome TV Program Slot Launch Press Conference.

In an effort to be positioned as the free-to-air private television station and the top entertainment destination of choice for Malaysians, Awesome TV launched the latest ‘Sitcom’ slot which brings a lineup of great casual comedy content every Saturday and Sunday, at 9.00 pm starting 11 June.

The addition of ‘Sitcom’ slots also completes the existing line of program slots, namely ‘Malar Segar,’ ‘Awesome Movie’, ‘Filem Kita’, ‘Asian Drama,’ and ‘Ohsem-Tainment.’

Datin Ezzan Zalilah Zulfadzli, Director of Awesome TV Content Unit.

Datin Ezzan Zalilah Zulfadzli, Director of Awesome TV Content Unit said, “To further strengthen the more effective content strategy, we decided to inject major improvements in terms of revamped broadcast slot schedule details as a whole in order to provide the maximum viewing experience to Malaysians.”

Guests at AwesomeTV’s New Program Slot Launch.

This new schedule change will also be activated immediately starting June 1 after taking into account the suitability of current viewing trends so that Awesome TV continues to remain the community’s top choice.

Cast of Dak Dak Opis, one one the new program slots on AwesomeTV.

AwesomeTV took the opportunity to share the latest developments on the upcoming ‘Awesome Raja Lawak’ reality show as well, bringing the latest pioneering edition of the popular comedy reality show ‘Raja Lawak’ which will now be known as  ‘Awesome Raja Lawak’.

Along with their journey of identifying new talents, Datin Ezzan Zalilah Zulfadzli enthusiastically mentioned, “We at Awesome TV are very excited and positive about the new schedule slot restructuring strategy and content that will be presented throughout the year. We are also targeting overall view growth to jump to two billion by 2022. “

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