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From the left : Munaabella (ERA), Uthaya (RAAGA), Poov, Kenny Ong (CEO), Heal Husaini, Calista (HITZ), Emily Poop (MYFM)

On the 12th November 2021, Astro Radio celebrated their 25th Anniversary by launching SYOK application to its services.  SYOK allows their listeners to stream any type of music category or genre to their liking across many different languages.

From the left: Heal Husaini, Kenny Ong, Poova

The all-new SYOK will be featuring 60 stations exclusively by Astro Radio stations including ERA, MY, HITZ, RAAGA, SINAR, GEGAR, ZAYAN, MELODY, GOXUAN, MIX, LITE and many more. New features like dark mode, alarm system to schedule the listeners to tune in to their favorite program, podcast and live streaming can be found on SYOK.

Kenny Ong, CEO of Astro Radio

Kenny Ong, CEO of Astro Radio stated that, “During the progress of this transformation of combining entertainment audio together with the biggest infotainment in Malaysia, Astro Radio team are more than excited to introduce the live audio streaming sessions to the audience.” “As Astro Radio and TikTok currently working together to provide the best platform, we had scheduled three program shows with TikTok to be aired on the new SYOK application.”

Kenny Ong, CEO of Astro Radio

Now Malaysian listeners can stream on to Confession Bilik Gelap, TechniPod, Moon’s Parenting Tips, Pei Diary with Lingkesvaran on the SYOK application together with many other requested radio programs that was requested by the listeners. SYOK will also provide access to SYOK Originals that will be featuring Everyday Malaysians, SYOK Busybody, SYOK Food Taster and many more to come.

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