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English Tree TV

Animasia Studio signed a partnership deal with popular preschool Youtube channel, “English Tree TV” created by Adam Williams-Walters. With a total of 1.73 million subscribers, the channel garners over 4,000,000 views each day.

English Tree TV was created 7 years ago when Adam had the idea to help young kids to learn English with catchy songs composed by himself. With a strong foundation as an elementary school teacher, Adam had taken it on himself to do everything to build English Tree TV – from the song writing, music production, performing and recording, to character design, story writing, storyboards and animations, voice acting, key art and thumbnails, business development, sales and expansion, channel management, and web design. Adam, the one-band is currently based in Texas, USA.

Adam Williams-Walters, creator of the popular preschool YouTube channel “English Tree TV”

I guess I never really imagined my songs would be listened to so many times around the world. I was mostly trying to serve the 500 or so kids that I taught, and myself as a teacher, by creating music that was actually good – something adults could enjoy just as much as the children.” said Adam, creator and CEO.

Animasia Studio’s responsibilities in this partnership is to provide 100 full time animators to increase the production value of the videos and songs created by Adam. Besides that, Animasia will be injecting resources to boost the volume of contents to over 240 minutes per year to serve the English Tree TV audiences, while also developing  spin-off localized channels in the Asia region where English is a common second language among Asian kids.

“English Tree TV have tremendous growth potentials as we can see the organic subscription growth happening every quarter. Adam’s method of teaching English to the young kids via his songs is truly amazing and combining Animasia’s animation expertise, I think this will be very captivating for our core audiences” said Edmund Chan, Managing Director of Animasia Studio. 


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