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Amanda Woo (white) alongside with airasia ride female drivers

E-hailing services are now the new norm in the local society while most e-hailing companies hire male drivers primarily. As such, airasia Super App’s subfeature – airasia ride, recently launched a LadiesONLY Driver community feature to offer female passengers to have a female driver for a comfortable trip with airasia ride. 

Airasia ride will be sponsoring exclusive benefits worth up to RM400 for every first time female driver, to prepare them with the necessities to gain experience. The benefits would cover the cost of PSV learning course, exams, medical check-ups and also a free dashboard camera for all active and new female drivers.

With the help from  Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), airasia ride will be donating any proceeds from the LadiesONLY rides (excluding driver’s commission fees) from 8 March 2022 and 7 April 2022 to the women communities, in support of the recent International Women’s Day.

Amanda Woo, CEO of airasia Super App

Amanda Woo, CEO of airasia Super App said, “We understand that passengers of airasia ride have different needs, and we are confident that the Community Drivers feature, starting with LadiesONLY rides will appeal to our existing airasia ride users and attract new ones. We are looking forward to welcoming our millionth passenger soon as we add more Community Drivers categories on our ride-hailing platform.” 

Lim Chiew Shan, Regional CEO of airasia ride

Lim Chiew Shan, Regional CEO of airasia ride said: “Our new Community Drivers feature gives a fresh twist to your everyday commute. Whether you need to rush somewhere, looking to spice up a long ride back to the office, need someone to drive your car for you or just want to enjoy a quiet ride home after a long day, airasia ride has you covered. Be on the lookout for the many new exciting features the next time you open the airasia Super App to book an airasia ride!”

Other than LadiesONLY, airasia superapp also planned to release different categories of Community Drivers in the upcoming months. Below are the new Community Drivers categories that will be launched at the nearest date. 

  • PriorityRide: Passengers will enjoy shorter waiting times and have their orders fulfilled by top-rated drivers
  • Joy in the ride: Enjoy a fun and surprise-filled ride 
  • DriveForMe: Book a personal driver for your vehicle if you are not able to drive it yourself
  • QuietDriver: A quiet and peaceful ride throughout your journey

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