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Datuk Aznil with contestants of Raja Viral

Leading Malaysian supermarket chain and retail company, AEON CO. (M) BHD (AEON) has collaborated with renowned Malaysian celebrity, Datuk Aznil Nawawi and popular social media application, TikTok to produce a interactive digital series called Raja Viral (Viral King in English).

Raja Viral showcases 12 Tiktok influencers who have to complete a series of challenges for 8 weeks as they compete for a cash prize of RM80,000. Most of these influencers grew during the pandemic as they created viral content for those who had to stay at home during the period.

Throughout the competition, contestants have to create new video content weekly following different themes such as editing, food reviews, inspirational recipes and even parodies. Being a popular TV host, actor and co-creator of the show, Datuk Aznil will guide the contestants as a mentor and the main judge to make them better brand ambassadors. Besides that, AEON has prepared 3 workshops by TikTok Creative Lab for all contestants.

Left to right: Low Ngai Yuen, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer of AEON; Mia, Tiktok South East Asia and Datuk Aznil at Raja Viral Press Conference

Low Ngai Yuen, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer of AEON said, “Through Raja Viral, AEON aims to approach young consumers who are actively online to acquire entertainment and information. Apart from that, AEON is determined to grow a community of digital content creators which can change the viral impact of content to a positive one.”


The 12 TikTok influencers contending for Raja Viral are:

1. Daing Iskandar Mohd Tahir –

2. Ahmad Safwan Abdul Malek –

3. Mohd Daud Suhaimi –

4. Nur Fatihah Kamal –

5. Mohammad Shohaimi @ Mr Wong –

6. Rusydi Sayuti Rosli –

7. Tunku Zarizah Tunku Zahrin –

8. Izzat Haikal Abdul Hakim –

9. Fazza Syahir Mohd Zulkifli –

10. Nur Salynata Salim –

11. Muniswaran Harirama-

12. Muhammad Khuzaimie Lemat –


Raja Viral will be streamed on AEON Retail Malaysia’s Tiktok and Youtube account from 2 December onwards. The finale which announces the winner will be streamed live on TikTik in February 2023. Raja Viral is supported by Birds of Paradise and Carrie Junior as the main sponsor.




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