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MyCSP grand launch group photo

With concerns to the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia, ActivePure Technology sponsored the MyCSP Grand Launch to protect MyCSP from the COVID-19 as they provided Indoor Air Management to deactivate viruses and pathogens that could be found in the enclosed space. The surface disinfection technology was proven by science as they were validated to clinically inactive the COVID-19 viruses. 

Teda Technology and Glorious Health strategic partnership session

While being recognized by the Space Foundation as a Certified Space Technology and also listed in the Space Foundation Hall of Fame, technologies by ActivePure were all based on technology developed by NASA which has successfully reduced exposure to RNA and DNA viruses by 99.9%. Not to mention that ActivePure Medical Guardian was recognized as an FDA Class II Medical Device and is currently conducting a two-year clinical trial study on the impact of ActivePure on reducing surgical site infections.

Adam Ham, CEO of GCMA and Dennis Na, CEO of TEDA Technology

Being a member of OCB Berhad, Agrow Healthtech ActivePure had assigned Mfinate Management to be their official Master Distributor in Malaysia.

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