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Absolute Duck Restaurant


From Hong Kong’s Kitchen to Setia Alam’s streets, Absolute Duck Restaurant had its Grand Opening on July 8. Talented and esteemed Chef, Yeung Wai Chiu, introduced a unique menu filled with authentic Hong Kong cuisine including a variety of signature dishes for the neighborhood of Setia Alam to enjoy and experience exceptional dining and hospitality.


At the Grand Opening of Absolute Duck


Chef Yeung Wai Chiu perfected his craft all across Asia to deliver the culinary art many see today. In his experiences with well-established restaurants across the country as well as internationally, Chef Yeung curated a menu that showcased many Hong Kong delights while focusing on duck as the main attraction. He insists that every dish he and his team create has to have the essence of flavor, tender feel, and consistency in quality that portrays in its food. 


Sneak Peek of the Duck by Absolute Duck


Absolute Duck takes pride in their meal preparation and provides satisfactory cravings for BBQ, Dim Sum, Roast Duck, and many more mouth-watering options. With the help from Silver Hill Duck, their unique breed of Peking and Aylesbury duck has a higher fat-to-meat ratio than regular ducks which in return produces more juice in the meat. The “Wagyu of Duck” is known for its meat being able to melt in your mouth and has become a star product. The tasteful, high-quality cuisine starts from its breeding stages to its production up until it reaches our plate. Each step is decided meticulously to ensure the highest quality given to its customers. 

With the opening of this flagship store, Absolute Duck has attracted a larger crowd and will achieve its goal to provide an unforgettable dining experience for Malaysians.

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