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From the left : Muhammad Hanif bin Asa’ari , YB Dato Rosol , Vuitton Peng , Muhammad Zikril Azan

As the trend of Korean convenience store growing rapidly in Malaysia, emart24 had just launch their brand-new outlet in Sunway College where they offer halal Korean food as they provide exclusive snacks and mouth-watering street food. Similar to many other conveniences store they also provide skincare and K-beauty products that are imported form Korea exclusively in emart24 only. The launch was officiated by YB Dato Rosol bin Wahid, Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Affairs together with the attendance of Vuitton Peng (CEO of emart24).

emart 24 also planned to dominate convenience store market by opening up to 10 stores in the Southeast Asian country by the end of 2021 and 300 stores within five years.  KPDNHEP supports the investments made by EMART24 Holdings Sdn. Bhd. as a local company to bring in popular convenience store brands from South Korea to Malaysia as KPDNHEP believe that emart24 serve as a platform for the consumers to purchase essential goods at affordable prices together with a comfortable and modern convenience store premises.


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