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Third Beauty in the Pot in Tropicana Gardens Mall

Bringing traditional Chinese pleasures to Tropicana Gardens Mall,  Beauty in the Pot launched its brand new outlet with a wholesome design, making it the ideal hot pot location for many to enjoy together with their family and friends. Beauty in the Pot prioritizes the health, happiness, and beauty of its consumers, hence why the offered menu was prepared with nutritious ingredients. 

Different variety of broths for the meats

To prepare the high-quality, fan-favorite Signature Beauty Collagen Broth, flagship scallop-and-pork-bone soup, and Spicy Nourishing Broth, the team of skillful chefs takes more than six hours to cook the broth with premium ingredients every day to ensure customers are blown away by the rich flavors and aromas. With the number of herbs, spices, and collagens infused in the broths, the delicious final products will be filled with nutritious elements which would provide a divine experience of culinary finesse to the diners while obtaining medical benefits to the skin and heart. 

Thinly sliced quality meat for maximum flavours

Other than the magnificent broths being served to the customers, Beauty in the Pot brings in high-quality meats from all around the world such as the Spanish Iberico pork, U.S. marbled beef cubes, and sliced Australian beef. As for the seafood, you can find fresh crabs,  prawns, scallops, red clams, and squid rings are offered at a reasonable rate. 

Sauce station for the sauce lovers to enjoy

For more updates on the packages offered, do visit https://www.facebook.com/bitpmalaysia/ for more info. Placing a reservation is highly recommended, book your seats at  https://inline.app/booking/-LXNRrUIE_TQUADScIeQ:inline-live-2a466 .

Shindy Xin Yi, second runner up for MissCosmoWorld 2020, together with Adam Ham, CEO of GCMA

First class services by Beauty in the Pot staff


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