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Sophia Zuhri
Sophia Zuhri

17-year-old Sophia Zuhri officially launched her first single titled, Game of Charades, in a Britpop fusion genre that is beloved by Malaysian music fans. Music has always been important in the life of the young singer-songwriter; Sophia has been writing songs and singing since she was just 14. With a trustee ukulele in hand, Sophia finds herself writing about real-life events in her songs.

Sophia Zuhri performing her first single
Sophia Zuhri performing her first single

“The Britpop fusion song, Game of Charades, tells the story of the imperfections of humans and that we can’t judge others just by their appearance. My inspiration for writing a song is always about a touching situation or circumstance that is either from my own experiences or observation of events around me,” said Sophia.

Her passion for music quickly gained the attention of award-winning composer-songwriter-singer Ajai and is currently working together with Sophia on the debut of her first mini-album consisting of her own written songs that are expected to release in the third quarter of the year. Ajai claims he shares a lot of similarities with Sophia such as their fascination for great artistry and music. He also says that Sophia reminds him of the aspiring artiste he once was as he was starting out in showbiz in the 90s.  

Ajai & Sophia Zuhri at the launch of 'Game of Charades'
Ajai & Sophia Zuhri at the launch of ‘Game of Charades’

Ajai said, “I see myself in Sophia and honestly, I don’t produce for just anyone. Sophia is an exception; she is in a class of her own and this made me agree to collaborate with her.” 

The Game of Charades music video was directed by Amani Azlin and distributed by Universal Music. Fans can watch her music video on Universal Music Malaysia’s YouTube Channel.  

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