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Team of O2O eCommerce

Khor Ren Jin, CEO of O2O, discovered his talent and passion for creating websites at a young age. As a matter of fact, numerous companies opted for his freelance services to create online platforms ever since he was just 15 years of age. By gathering such experience at a young age, Khor realizes that the free opensource platform is no longer sufficient to support Khor’s expertise. Hence, in 2008, Khor gathered a team of programmers to develop their eCommerce solutions platform to cater to the ever-growing eCommerce industry. 

Introducing the new all-in-one O2O eCommerce platform to the digital market, services such as creative branding, digital marketing logistics, business analytics, and coaching, powered hundreds of businesses digitally. Not regulating its services to any specific business groups, O2O eCommerce aims to provide only the best digital solutions to businesses across all sectors, including established organizations, associations, startups, and non-profit corporations.

Healthy office lifestyle in O2O office

Throughout his journey in expanding his eCommerce platform within Asia, O2O eCommerce is now standing strong with 30 staff in three different locations – Petaling Jaya, Penang, and Jaipur, India. With that, O2O eCommerce managed to secure deals from Ogawa, Tealive, and many more prominent names from over 1,000 clientele. To top it off, in 2021, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) recognized O2O eCommerce as one of the most reliable Technology Solutions Partners in the local industry. To enhance the credibility of the company, O2O also approached Google and Facebook to become their advertising and marketing partners. 

Many considered the pandemic to be a descent for the economy, but not for O2O. Being a digital platform that constantly runs its services day and night throughout the pandemic, O2O has attracted many other clients to opt for their services upon realizing the importance of digitalization in businesses. However, every high has its lows; the company had to struggle with an unexpected shortage of manpower when employees started falling sick. 

O2O on receiving the Leading Solution Provider in eCommerce from SEBA

After running the platform for more than 14 years, O2O plans to expand its office to international ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Previously O2O has only relied on programmers in India to assist in maintaining the cloud server of the online platform. 

The recent interview with the CEO of O2O eCommerce enlightens Kr8tif Express on their journey of receiving the Best SME: Leading Solution Provider in eCommerce award for SEBA. Khor humbly highlighted, “We felt overwhelmed to receive such a prestigious award from SEBA. Despite being the CEO of O2O, the company would not be standing at this height if it was not for the efforts of the team. The team really appreciates SEBA for the award as it’s a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to them after all their tireless work and effort put into the company.”

Khor Ren Jin, CEO of O2O

Khor added, ” Always invest in yourself with quality skills and knowledge that could benefit you to be successful in the future. Regardless in any industry, hard work always pays off if we would compare it to those who live their lives by hoping that sheer luck will bring success to them. As what my parents instilled in me, nothing comes in free. one must work hard to achieve their dream as it will only motivate you to grow as a person or as a company.”

To know more about O2O eCommerce, do visit www.o2o.my and www.o2oecommerce.my for more info.

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