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Resorts World Genting has just given it’s sneak peeks and exciting details on their 56 secs video, entitled “Genting SkyWorlds: 9 Exciting Worlds Await You!” on the official Genting SkyWorlds FaceBook Page and YouTube Page several days ago. After much delays since its inaugural announcement on 26 July 2013, it seems now very feasible that the theme park can now finally open its doors to the public. A reputable source said that Genting is targeting to open during the year-end school holiday of 2021, assuming Malaysia would have improved its nationwide vaccination status and the Covid-19 daily new cases.

The attractive video showcased an overview of the theme park’s current status, which seemed like its more or less ready to go. Lee Thiam Kit, Head of Business Operations and Strategies of Resorts World Genting evidently said, “We are almost ready. We’re putting the finishing touches. We believe we will deliver the very best experience to our guests throughout this journey.”

Lee Thiam Kit, Head of Business Operations and Strategies of Resorts World Genting

When the doors do open finally, the much-awaited Genting SkyWorlds is expected to draw much attention and crowd, and Malaysia will begin to see if the domestic tourism economy will begin to spur again in Genting, and the rest of the nation. Asia’s most anticipated theme park, situated up on top of Malaysia’s most popular 6,000 feet mountain will be featuring nine movie and adventure-inspired worlds. Dato’ Edward Halloway, Executive Vice President – Leisure & Hospitality of Resorts World Genting was proud to announce, “The world is all about imagination, it’s about the experiences and it’s about that fantasy!”

In the meantime, the US$ 800 million (RM 3.2 billion) theme park promises a range of exciting rides & attractions, unique food and beverage options that will further enhance their theme park experience, themed around the film and franchises from the 20th Century Fox. Greg Pearn, Head of Theme Park and Experiences of Resorts World Genting was thrilled to reveal, “IPs for example like Rio and Ice Age, which are fantastic intellectual properties to have. But we’re also complementing those with our own homegrown IPs, for example, we’ve got an attraction within the park is called Mad Ramp Peak. A fantastic motorbike ride that takes you through a California-like landscape. A long-term plan is to introduce other IPs to the park as well.”

  1. Genting SkyWorlds will include the world’s first, never before seen rides that are unique to the Theme Park. These attractions are specially designed to send imaginations soaring while providing a truly one-of-a-kind immersive experience for the entire family!
  2. Guests at Genting SkyWorlds will get to immerse themselves in nine movie and adventure-inspired worlds, namely Eagle Mountain, Central Park, Liberty Lane, Robots Rivet Town, Andromeda Base, Ice Age, Studio Plaza, Epic, and Rio.
  3. The outdoor park spans a whopping 26 acres with something for everyone amongst its 26 rides and attractions, ranging from thrilling roller coasters to exciting water rides.
  4. Standing in long queues is set to be a thing of the past as Genting SkyWorlds has partnered with Alibaba to utilize virtual queue technology so guests can pre-book their spot on rides and attractions.
  5. Genting SkyWorlds will be featuring exciting rides and attractions themed around films and franchises from the 20th Century Fox, which will include Ice Age, Night at the Museum, and Planet of the Apes.
  6. The Eagle Mountain World will boast one of the signature rides of Genting SkyWorlds – is Mad Ramp Peak – a Full Throttle Racing, the world’s first dual-powered coaster bike ride.
  7. Within the Central Park World, cool rides and attractions will be awaiting you: Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem, where guests can team up with the museum’s night guard on an action-packed 3D interactive ride protecting the unruly exhibits; the ESD Global Defender, as well as Independence Day: Defiance.
  8. Genting SkyWorld will also have a unique double-decker Blue Sky Carousel, which will bring thrills thru the spins into a whirlwind of fun on the Rio Carnaval Chaos! twirling teacups ride and reach new heights on the Samba Gliders, climbing up to a height of 65 feet for the ultimate bird’s-eye view of every corner of Rio.
  9. The theme park will also have a variety of leading-edge attractions such as Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice, which journeys you through ice caverns & flowing lava tunnel; Acorn Adventure, showcasing a thrilling roller coaster experience as the nutty Scrat which goes in search of his elusive acorn around the icy summit; and Sid’s Rock N Slide, which joins Sid and Diego for a motion-filled log ride adventure.
  10. Lastly, the Invasion of the Apes ride will the first of its kind, designed exclusively for Genting SkyWorlds, which will immerse visitors in a pulse-pounding indoor 3D ride featuring Caesar and other iconic primates in a battle for survival.


motorbike ride through a kind of like a California landscape

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